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PMW is the global home of performance marketing.

An industry evolving at light-speed needs a dedicated daily brand with an international editorial team that lives and breathes performance marketing. 

PMW's mission is to champion outcome-based marketing, helping brands and agencies identify best practice, solve problems and get the most out of their marketing investments. 

Through practical advice, data insights, clear explainers and expert opinion, we help the performance marketing community grow and complement the larger marketing ecosystem and business goals.

There’s plenty to get involved with from events , awards , partner content , exclusive industry data reports , video interviews and our podcast series Attention Seekers


We are ambitiously launching a series of conferences, seminars and other networking opportunities to connect our global community and provide access to the latest market insight, analysis, and expertise.

With real-world case studies, engaging panel debates and unique interactive sessions, each PMW event is developed in collaboration with industry professionals, and designed to give performance marketers the tools they need to accelerate growth in a changing digital world.