AI could reduce Black Friday “content chaos” as marketers work 11 extra hours this weekend

Black Friday requires more marketing materials than other annual holidays and AI could help save 10 hours in creating seasonal assets.

Top 5 business objectives for 2024: 60% of marketers view 'data collaboration' as pivotal to future success

With the death of the cookie finally set to take place in 2024, marketers must look beyond the use of third party cookies for data collection. Considering the success of retail media this year, data collaboration has become a top priority.

Black Friday: sales expected to increase 7.5% with Amazon’s foothold on the younger market loosening

Christmas present purchases are expected to dominate 54% of spend this Black Friday period despite consumers’ faith in the efficacy of the shopping event floundering.

China’s six largest social media platforms – and how to engage its users

From Little Red Book to Weibo, how can western brands unlock the largest – and most varied – social media market in the world?

Rugby World Cup quarter finals causes huge spike in addressable audiences

Brands can take advantage of significantly larger interactive audiences in the lead up to the Rugby World Cup final, especially as tourism spikes for France.

Retail marketers have lost control of social media ad spend, study finds

Consumers are flocking to social media for purchasing, but new research sparks concern in how retail marketers place their social ad spend.

UK advertisers to increase programmatic DOOH spend by a third

Programmatic digital out-of-home is taking budget out of digital and traditional channels, proving high value for both brand and performance campaigns.

Programmatic ad spend to increase in anticipation of cookie demise

Investment in automated ad buying is increasing as tracking cookies crumble. New research highlights the top eight ways marketers are trying to fight adspend wastage in the privacy-first age.

The TV market monopoly is over, but why is CTV adoption still so slow?

Retail media is growing three times as fast as CTV and YouTube’s ad revenue is set to be 17.4% higher.

Half of UK consumers are bored or frustrated by “unhelpful” personalisation from brands

Startlingly, 70% of consumers believe the promotions they receive from brands do not align with their interests and the use of outdated technology is to blame.

Short term solutions: marketers’ investing heavily in strategies that deliver quickfire results amid economic gloom

Areas such as social media have enjoyed increased investment at the expense of brand strategy as marketers search for short-term strategies that will get budget-restricted customers buying.

Google and TikTok’s popularity grows as UK advertisers move away from Meta in the interest of diversification

UK-based ecommerce businesses have been diversifying their ad spend at the expense of Meta, as overall ad-spend sees dramatic decline as inflation pinches, but experts say this is no cause for alarm.

Digital publishers’ year-on-year revenue sees almost no increase despite 18.3% growth in subscriptions

It’s been a static period of revenue growth for digital publishing in Q1 of 2023, with boosts to subscription and audio offset by the declining popularity of desktop and surprisingly, mobile.

"70% of marketers are making vital decisions alone"

“The great reshuffle” is separating marketers from other decision makers, with job transitions causing longer sales cycles and lower win rates.

Brits have been hit with festival fever and advertisers should be getting in on the fun

Data from eBay Ads UK has found that this summer’s festival season is primed to be one of the biggest in years, presenting an exciting opportunity for advertisers to capitalise on search and e-commerce trends.

Audiences love CTV – but marketers are yet to crack the cross-platform code

Research from Nielsen has revealed that CTV’s booming popularity is driving marketers to invest, but inconsistent measurement solutions and difficulty reaching target audiences has them struggling to maximise ROI.

Content marketing budgets boom but 58% of marketers unable to secure strong ROI

Research has identified a stark contrast between marketers’ use of analytics and data in their content marketing among those satisfied with their ROI and those not.

UK consumers prefer product placement in TV and film rather than traditional TV advertising

An affinity for product placement in TV and film over traditional commercials was identified because of the authenticity it adds to the viewing experience, creating an opportunity for brands to increase awareness in an era of ad-free streaming.

Six in 10 Gen Z social media users turning to platforms for money-saving content

Consumers are rethinking the value of social media and with a significant uptick in the popularity of money-saving content across platforms, brands need to be cautious they don’t fall “out of touch”.

Why women’s football is full of untapped advertising potential for brands

Women’s football has greater mass consumer reach than men’s, experts say, after a record breaking 77,390 spectators attended the Women’s FA Cup Final at Wembley last week.

6% of ad spend was 'wasted on fake traffic' in 2022

Research estimates a total of $142bn in revenue was lost last year due to marketers inadvertently optimising campaigns for fake audiences.

When is the best time to post on social media in 2023?

Are you posting high quality content but not getting the engagement you expect? Check the time before you post to avoid social media dead zones.

Marketers are eager to leverage generative AI but lack the understanding to do so

Almost three quarters of marketers plan to incorporate generative AI into their martech stacks but 59% fear they lack the knowledge to fully capitalise on the tech’s potential.

CX disconnect: businesses believe in AI-driven personalisation but consumers aren’t sold

Over 80% of businesses maintain that AI-driven personalisation will improve customer experiences, but fear over how their data will be used is holding consumers back from embracing the technology.

Extra extra: advertising within news brands increases consumers’ trust and perception of a brand

Nearly four in five (79%) Brits are worried about fake news circulating on social media and almost three quarters are turning to news brands for help verifying stories.

“It seems that ‘going private’ is no longer just for the rich”: increasing interest in private healthcare spells trouble for the NHS

Analysis of online search data reveals a dramatic leap in interest for private healthcare and with the NHS floundering, with brands such as AXA, BUPA and Benenden reaping more SEO exposure.

Multi-channel madness: 47% of retailers believe there are too many channels to sell from

To meet all consumers’ shopping expectations, 94% of organisations have a multi-channel retail strategy in place, but almost half (49%) struggle to evaluate which channel is working for them best.

IPA Bellwether: marketing budgets see growth spurt to kick off 2023

An 8.2% growth rate for the start of the year shows continued investment in brand support, while uncertainty looms, but sustainability and adoption of tech signal green shoots of opportunity for marketers.

Media buying ‘platform paralysis’ is losing billions in revenue for agencies

First-party CTV and retail media campaigns are using more media buying platforms, costing marketers significant time and dollars switching and aggregating data between them.

“The consultants are coming for our lunch”: marketing leaders warn of rocky year ahead

Over 100 global marketing and advertising leaders portend a challenging 12 months ahead for the industry, but maintain a cautious optimism that businesses who get creative will carve out success.

Spring spike: Brits say their gardens will be the social space of the summer

Post-pandemic, people have become accustomed to maximising the value of their home’s outdoor space and are looking to invest in home and garden purchases this spring.

That’s how the cookie crumbles: consumers demand personalisation from brands without reliance on cookies

Brands generally enjoyed positive ROI in 2022 when investing in customer engagement, but research suggests many are still failing to meet consumers’ changing personalisation expectations.

Half of brands eyeing a shift from paid advertising to earned content creation as budgets tighten

With a possible recession looming, brands’ marketing budgets are under increasing pressure to maximise ROI while minimising spend, and research suggests that UGC might be a winning strategy.

Connected packaging has grown by 27% in the past 12 months

Connecting with consumers by turning packaging into a digital experience by scanning, tapping or pointing a smartphone device is becoming increasingly popular, research has found.

Almost half of consumers are annoyed by constant SMS marketing from brands

New research uncovers a fine line between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ SMS marketing, with purchase opportunities abound for effective use, but also the threat of losing customers if poorly executed.

Seven in 10 brand-side marketers plan to increase spend outside ‘walled gardens’ on the open web

Despite more than nine in 10 marketers believing that Google will finally stick to its 2024 deadline to withdraw third-party cookies, 73% admit their organisation is only “somewhat” prepared for the withdrawal of third-party cookies.

Digital publishing revenues climb as subscriptions see positive growth

Multi-platform and mobile devices were the winners of revenue growth in Q3, while a growth in subscriptions indicates that even in a cost of living crisis, consumers will pay for quality content.

Reading the finance room: Reddit users show due diligence for budgeting and buying

All is not lost for big-ticket purchases providing they are essential, as Reddit’s community becomes more engaged in conversations on spend-tracking and trim back on non-vital buys.

“Creators are the new retailers” – but influencers are losing brands in an economic downturn

Latest poll from US and UK influencers reveals payment issues from brands in the last year, whilst LTK says spend on influencer marketing is growing.

Desktop adblocking creeping back up to 2018 high

Declining numbers of publishers use adblock walls as a revenue recovery strategy for adblocking.

One-third of subscriber churn happens in the first 24 hours

The first 24 hours are critical to engage with your new subscribers while a multi-channel referral approach is a key to conversion.

How do you maximise ROI as a marketer? Answer: don’t be afraid to spend on your campaigns

Nielsen report finds underspending in 50% of media plans, with maximum ROI in jeopardy.

Targeting campaigns by age is four times less effective than by life stage and behaviour

Outdated assumptions mean brands are missing out on whole demographics. Targeting by life stage and behaviour could transform marketing effectiveness.

Referrals cited as important by 96% of marketers – but importance doesn’t translate to spend

Email remains the preferred communication channel for consumers – but the channel does not encourage a repeat purchase compared to discounts and rewards for loyalty and advocacy, finds research.

“Brands must put creators front and centre”: 55% of UK brand marketers set budget aside for the metaverse

91% of creators are keen to know more about the metaverse, with 55% of UK brand marketers already set budget aside taken from other marketing channels. Are you ready?

Digital ad spend up 30.5% in Europe in strongest year-on-year rise since 2008

All 28 markets covered by new research grew ad spend in 2021, and social and video drives display demand.

Investment in marketing drives growth and ROI for seven in 10 professionals

Automation was found to help individuals hit sales targets, while integrated sales and marketing teams are more likely to exceed forecast revenue.

“Brands’ emotional intelligence is more important than ever” as they outperform stock markets

A massive +910% share price growth for leading emotionally intelligent (EQ) brands, with Google achieving the world’s highest EQ score.

Up to 30% of premium video ad budgets allocated to streaming

Programmatic campaigns set to account for half of premium video selling by 2026 with an 80% year-on-year growth in programmatic ad views in 2021.

Digital audio publishing wins the race for revenue growth with 500% rise in Q1

The rolling year to March 2022 saw an 18% year-on-year increase in digital publishing revenue across the board, says new figures from AOP and Deloitte.

Getting social in B2B: 58% recall B2B messaging for their chosen brand on Facebook

Social media grows in importance for B2B marketing and communications as research reveals that three-quarters of millennials use social media for work purposes at least once a week, but other generations are cashing in on the trend.

Amazon brands: sponsored product ads account for 81 percent of ad spend

Sponsored campaigns among Amazon US marketplace brands rely heavily on product ads as new report reveals benchmarks for performance

Formula 1: which brands are winning the Instagram race?

Ahead of the highly anticipated Formula 1 2022 season, HypeAuditor, an AI analytics platform reveals the drivers, teams and sponsors in pole position on Instagram.

Growth in subs: 55 percent of publishers rank subscriptions for revenue potential

Publishers are optimistic about their preparation for the demise of third-party cookies as product innovation, data privacy and talent top the business priorities list for the years ahead.

Economy unlocked: Record ad spend growth driven by performance platforms

Green shoots ahead for the UK advertising market as those in the industry can expect the market to expand next year by more than a third since the pandemic-hit 2020.

Programmatic trends: video a key driver for growth

Despite the pandemic, programmatic investments have remained stable in Europe as transparency improves, says new research.