How Norton sold antivirus software to online gamers

The software company targeted gamers on TikTok and Twitch, and managed to amass over 47million impressions across all markets.

The situation:

Antivirus software company Norton launched Norton 360 for Gamers on Amazon UK in Q4 2020 - a key trading period to hit the post-Christmas technology boom. However, they understood that hardcore gamers see antivirus software as interruptive to their fun and performance and have generally negative brand sentiment.

Norton engaged creative agency The Elephant Room to help them connect with gamers. Digital performance marketing agency Tug was then brought on board to create a highly targeted, innovative media plan to drive visibility and engagement across media channels, all with the endgame of driving sales of the new software. 

The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness of Norton’s new product by connecting with gamers, challenging their negative view of Antivirus Software. And Norton and The Elephant Room’s objectives for Tug were to;  increase visibility of the social videos and banners, and  drive engagement across social channels.

The solution:

Lyricist, rapper and gamer Che Lingo was enlisted to create unique video content promoting Norton 360 for Gamers. Che Lingo penned and performed a lightning-fast rap about uninterrupted gameplay to connect with gamers, relating to their needs while gaming and using gamer-specific language.

The challenge was to seed the creative to the right people on the right channels to maximise visibility and engagement in Poland, Sweden and the UK.  Tug provided The Elephant Room with guidance on formats and execution to ensure the creative was tailored to each channel and to improve user experience.

Tug used a combination of Amazon, Twitch, TikTok and Twitter to promote the content and engage a new audience, free of preconceptions about the Norton brand. Knowing that heavy gamers are 300% more likely to use Twitch than the general public and 46% more likely to use video ads, this combination allowed for the message to be placed in the right platforms. Overlaying that with the fact that 30% of gamers respond best to video ads meant that the media plan over-performed in terms of targets, driving over 47million impressions across the integrated media channels and three markets.

Banners were also used to supplement the campaign in Poland and Sweden, using data signals from Google and Amazon to indicate that users may be likely purchasers of the product (such as targeting users viewing premium gaming equipment on Amazon or users who regularly visit PC game websites).

Collaboration between The Elephant Room and Tug was key to the success of the campaign. With Tug providing guidance on formats and execution to ensure the creative was tailored to each channel for maximum engagement and reach. 

The success:

In total the campaign achieved 47million impressions of banners and videos across all channels and markets, with 266,159 clicks at a CTR of 0.56% and a CPC of £0.43. 

Results including metrics and insights

  • 47million impressions of banners and videos across all channels and markets

  • 265,000 clicks across channels and markets

  • TikTok - 11.3million impressions and 120,000 clicks with a CTR of 1.04%

  • Twitter - 6.6million impressions and 73,000 clicks with a CTR of 1.11%

  • Twitch - 1.3million impressions and 3,000 clicks with a CTR of 0.22%

  • Amazon Banners - 5million impressions 

  • Tug surpassed KPIs by as much as 500%



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