How a light bulb supplier increased online revenues by 107%

The e-commerce veteran saw triple-digit growth in revenue by using Google Shopping as their main driver.

The situation:

BLT Direct has been a leading online supplier of light bulbs, lamps and tubes in the UK and around the world since the early days of the internet. Their website provides instant access to almost 10,000 quality light bulb products at competitive prices with fast delivery.

An established retailer with a great reputation across the UK, BLT wanted to take their online presence to a new, profitable level, using Google Shopping as their main volume driver.

Large inventories bring unique challenges, and BLT Direct houses over 15,000 SKUs in their catalogue. And before onboarding with Bidnamic, BLT Direct was managing Shopping bids manually. With such a large product offering, Google Shopping management was naturally becoming increasingly time-intensive.

What’s more, bidding at the group level means overbidding for thousands of SKUs, or paying too little and not reaching the top five tiles of the carousel, ultimately missing out on valuable clicks. 

The solution:

BLT Direct were in need of an automated solution to take away the heavy lifting of Google Shopping. Bidnamic’s machine learning, human thinking approach combined 24/7 performance on a granular level with the Shopping expertise of their Customer Success Managers - alongside BLT’s in-depth knowledge of their business.

Bidding so granularly allows Bidnamic’s technology to set a single bid for each individual SKU, analyse its performance, and action an increase, decrease, or no change at all. This allows every SKU to reach its bidding sweet spot - never over- or under-bidding.

This instantaneous data analysis enables machine learning, allowing Bidnamic to bid more aggressively for high-performing search terms, usually hidden by Smart Shopping. This data can be repurposed for text ads, SEO, and social media, driving performance across various marketing channels.

The success:

BLT Direct saw revenue increase by 107% YoY, conversions increased by 80% YoY, and ROAS grew 7% YoY.

Within their first 90 days, their performance had grown rapidly, at one stage causing the brand to pause online sales whilst they opened a second warehousing unit to keep up with demand.

Then, having experienced great success on Google Shopping, BLT Direct asked Bidnamic to apply the same wealth of data and automation to their text ads and the add-on feature has helped boost BLT Direct’s text ad conversions 15%, revenue 109% and ROAS 6% - all the while cutting average CPC by 7%.