Brand of the Year: ProQuo AI

Blending data with neuroscience, ProQuo looks at 16 relationship drivers which explain the fundamental bonds between humans and brands. See why it won the PMW Award for Brand of the Year below...

Winner: ProQuo AI

ProQuo AI is a always-on, AI-powered brand management platform that enables marketers to know exactly what to do to grow with certainty, by harnessing the power of AI to create custom action-plans for businesses, completely tailored to a marketer’s growth goal. 

A number of factors contribute to ProQuo’s expertise. Its IP includes 16 relationship drivers which explain the fundamental bonds between humans and brands. It also embeds sociology to track the inclination for people to interact with brands alongside neuroscience, uncovering how consumers subconsciously ‘feel their way’ into relationships with brands.

ProQuo has also created ‘expert systems’ for marketing, which understand the physics of the discipline, as well as revolutionising sampling strategies for an always-on, real-time system, On the data science front, ProQuo is creating the world’s first ‘brand knowledge graph’, to plot the trajectories of brands and categories as they move through time and space. In terms of its business model, ProQuo has created software as a service products available on subscription, democratising access for all marketers.

Over 70 million data points across 1,000 brands have been collected by ProQuo – and this number grows exponentially, daily. This volume of data allows ProQuo’s AI models to gain certainty behind the actions they serve. ProQuo’s growth isn’t limited to its ever-expanding data pool; the company has achieved significant annual growth rate since inception and counts some of the world’s most exciting challenger brands as customers.