Purpose: iCrossing UK, Keeping Up With Coronavirus in Wales

During the pandemic, iCrossing helped The Welsh Government to automatically react to changing public interests daily. See why it won the PMW Purpose Award for identifying the right messaging for the right people in near real-time, for such a crucial campaign...


iCrossing UK

Keeping Up With Coronavirus in Wales, The Welsh Government 

The Welsh Government tasked iCrossing with communicating its official Covid-19 public health messages via programmatic display campaigns. With so many unknowns around Covid-19 however, and the situation changing on a daily basis, the problem was understanding what the right messaging should be and identifying the right ad spots often in near real-time. 

iCrossing built a proprietary connector between its trend identification tool (iX Insight) and its  delivery platform (DV360), enabling it to keep on top of Covid-19 conversations and, where necessary, respond automatically to changes in areas of interest.

iCrossing is owned by parent company Hearst and therefore has access to a huge amount of data from Hearst magazines. It used this data to identify what topics the public are interested in, offering much greater detail than what would be available on Google Trends, for example. Four targeting categories were tracked and ranked: ‘general’, ‘lockdown’, ‘keyworkers’ and ‘testing’. 

iCrossing also built a tool to analyse trends data using Google Cloud Functions, scheduled to run daily and which identified coronavirus-related terms, ranking each category by volume of traffic. 

Being agile and reactive in an unpredictable time helped the campaign make an impressive impact, with a huge increase in clickthrough rates and a decrease in cost per click. By using up-to-date trends data, iCrossing helped The Welsh Government to automatically react to changing public interests daily, which had a direct impact on key engagement and efficiency metrics.


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