Paid Search: Tug for GenesisCare

GenesisCare tasked Tug with managing its PPC account and driving enquiries from local patients or doctors. It won the PMW Paid Search Award for generating an impressive increase in conversion rates, sitelinks and headlines for the cancer treatment provider.



Driving Local Enquiries During Lockdown for GenesisCare, GenesisCare

Cancer treatment provider GenesisCare wanted to increase local enquiries to its 14 UK centres. Tug was tasked with managing its PPC account and driving enquiries from local patients or doctors to the GenesisCare site.

Tug separated out the account by location and tailored all ad copy to each specific centre and the services they offered. Using this new hyper-local approach and only focusing on treatments and diagnoses that are performed in those specific centres increased enquiries in areas where conversions were low previously. 

Key areas for GenesisCare – such as bone, blood, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, gynaecological, central nervous system and spine cancer – had not been built out properly, and there were big gaps in terms of ad groups and keywords. Tug developed a strategy to completely restructure the account, rewrite all ad copy and expand on generic keywords, particularly breast and prostate-related keywords, as these are the UK’s two biggest cancer types.

The campaign also made use of YouGov data, to discover which new audiences could be used on Google Ads that would improve campaign performance. As a result of this, a ‘Family Focused Affinity audience’ was added into the campaign as YouGov highlighted that users with families were more concerned about health issues.

There was a significant increase in conversion rates and a vast improvement in sitelinks and headlines, as a result of extending the keywords locally in the areas around the centres and making sure ads are referencing local centres.

Highly Commended 


BT Transformative PPC: Evolving from Volume to Value, BT

BT wanted to improve its average revenue per user and boost uptake of its premium broadband package. Essence supported the design of a new data layer across e-commerce pages to improve the quantity and quality of data captured for each purchase. This data enrichment process went from an understanding of the product being sold, to truly capturing the final contract value of each sale up to and including upfront fees, and even costs incurred by the business. The campaign enabled BT to innovate the way in which it targets and optimises its paid search media.


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