Direct to Consumer: iCrossing UK, Fidelity

For Fidelity’s annual ISA campaign, iCrossing put digital at the heart of the marketing plan to improve performance across all channels. iCrossing scooped the PMW Direct to Consumer Award for excelling both against targets and year-on-year results. 


iCrossing UK

Step-changing Fidelity's flagship ISA campaign, Fidelity 

For Fidelity’s annual ISA campaign, iCrossing wanted to challenge the norm of financial services marketing, which often sees digital sidelined in favour of traditional media channels. Its campaign showed that putting digital at the heart of marketing plans can improve performance across all channels.

Working with third-party media and creative agencies, iCrossing expanded the remit of digital from separate PPC and display executions by drawing on two core insights: dual- screening and influencer impact. 

With regards to dual screening, and the fact that 80% of people typically switch between online search and video when researching purchase decisions, iCrossing looked at integration with TV media-buying plans. This was implemented across TV, PPC and YouTube. This helped to boost both new customer acquisition and consideration with known audiences. For influencer impact, iCrossing built on the success of its debut digital influencer trial for Fidelity to increase organic visibility for target keywords and bolster the work of paid channels, driving people from consideration to conversion.

The campaign challenged the sector status quo. It demonstrated the extent to which full-scale integration can increase assets on account, market share, new leads, and visibility of the brand online, leading to Fidelity praising the work as ‘the most integrated ISA campaign to date’. It delivered both against targets and year-on-year results; there was an increase in new and existing customer sales and iCrossing helped deliver a step-change that went far beyond Fidelity’s own digital channels. 


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