Programmatic Advertising: Croud, IWG (Regus)

Longtime partners Croud and IWG wanted to maximise customer intent through remarketing campaigns and ultimately drive lead generation. Croud picked up the PMW Programmatic Advertising Award proving the incremental value of dynamic remarketing as a re-engagement strategy.



Dynamic creative optimisation at scale, IWG (Regus)

Croud has worked with IWG, the world’s largest flexible office space provider, whose brands include Regus and Spaces, since 2015. The agency’s remit has expanded from PPC to running IWG’s global digital strategy and media management in over 100 markets and more than 3,000 locations.

Croud and IWG wanted to place more focus on maximising customer intent through remarketing campaigns, to help IWG’s key brands to reach and engage with their most relevant target audiences and ultimately drive lead generation. Croud’s programmatic team proposed building a display advertising strategy that leveraged data to enhance and tailor creative assets for remarketing audiences.

A custom product feed catering to the overall strategy was also developed, enabling Croud to serve relevant users location-specific images directly from IWG’s site - thereby excluding previously converted customers, as well as offices that were already above the occupancy thresholds.

The campaign also featured bespoke creative templates and activity was overlaid with custom audiences built in Google Analytics 360. Based on performance insights, Croud was able to identify which audiences out of the target groups were most likely to convert. 

The results proved the value of using dynamic remarketing as a re-engagement strategy for adding incremental value. Following a successful pilot launch, Croud’s programmatic team now has the scope to expand activity to an additional 14 markets for remarketing, with dynamic prospecting also set to launch in key markets.


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