Lead Generation: HH Global Interactive, Anglian Home Improvements

Anglian worked with HH Global Interactive to overhaul its communication strategy during the pandemic. The work won the PMW Lead Generation Award for smart use of a customer data platform to create a 360-degree view of the customer. 


HH Global Interactive 

Generating Relevant Leads Using Contextual Ad Targeting, Anglian Home Improvements

Like most brands with a long purchase cycle, Anglian Home Improvements has always been reliant on the continual acquisition of new customers. This can be challenging enough in a normal year but with the outbreak of Covid-19, customer acquisition was proving harder through traditional methods, with much of the brand’s core audience becoming more active on online channels. 

Anglian worked with HH Global Interactive to overhaul its communication strategy, using HHGi’s customer data platform, which captures both anonymised or known data at source and integrates it with every customer touchpoint. This is then enriched with household and transactional data to create a 360-degree view of the customer. 

HHGi, working with their partners Precise TV, devised a contextual marketing methodology to attract consumers within Anglian’s specified demographic and geographic target market, and who were actively searching for relevant products online. These targets were then served a pre-roll ad prior to viewing content on YouTube. Utilising a machine learning platform, which analyses millions of videos at granular level, HHGi ensured ads only appeared next to videos that were directly relevant to the audience and the brand.

Following a trial period, the 30-second ad campaign ran for four months and generated an impressive number of views. The cost per lead was significantly lower than the comparative cost per acquisition target from Anglian’s best performing marketing activity. The campaign resulted in Anglian generating a large number of leads from an entirely new channel.


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