Nielsen partners with The Trade Desk for open web project

As adland seeks out alternatives to tracking cookies, a new open web initiative will help power privacy-first measurement across global regions.

A new strategic partnerships between The Trade Desk and  Nielsen will help power identity resolution for open internet measurement in key markets, including in Europe, Asia, Mexico and Canada.

Nielsen will integrate demographic data provided by The Trade Desk into the Nielsen ID System to provide more scope and accuracy in Nielsen’s digital ad measurement for the open internet, connecting digital impressions to demographics across millions of devices. 

The move will mean that Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings will be aimed towards appropriately assigning and deduplicating audience demographics across mobile and PC platforms when a digital ad is viewed. With this initiative, Nielsen becomes a preferred measurement provider of The Trade Desk and builds on the two companies’ longstanding relationship.

Karthik Rao, Chief Operating Officer, Nielsen, says: “This strategic partnership with The Trade Desk immediately scales Nielsen’s Identity System globally, and showcases our commitment to independent measurement and marketplace interoperability, facilitating an open ecosystem for the media industry, with audiences de-duplicated across multiple platforms.”

As part of this strategic partnership, The Trade Desk will provide demographic data to Nielsen’s Identity System to advance measurement and reporting across digital media, particularly over-the-page advertising, in key international markets.  

LiveRamp and Criteo have also partnered with The Trade Desk in recent days. 

Michelle Hulst, Chief Data Officer, The Trade Desk, says: “As the world’s largest independent demand-side platform, The Trade Desk is in a prime position to provide the open internet with a standard of measurement that improves data-driven decisioning, advertising performance and transparency. We have long believed that it takes all of us to support the digital media ecosystem, especially in the world of measurement, and look forward to advancing the open internet together with Nielsen internationally.”

The Trade Desk will help fuel Nielsen’s demographic data starting with France, Italy and the United Kingdom. Japan, Australia and Germany will launch on April 1, with plans to launch in other Asian and European markets, in addition to Canada and Mexico, on a regular cadence following the initial releases in 2022.