Snappier shopping with AR Lenses

Snap has given its AR shopping tools a major boost with catalogue-powered Shopping Lenses, designed to simplify the experience for retailers and consumers alike. 

Over the past year, Snap has focussed on AR shopping as a key company initiative – offering brands real-time AR try-on experiences that reach millions of Snapchatters. From trying on makeup, to shoes, to watches, to glasses, AR shopping is a key emerging part of how its community engages with the app. 

"Augmented reality is changing the way we shop, play, and learn, and transforming how businesses tell their stories and sell their products.” says Jeremi Gorman, Chief Business Officer, Snap Inc.

Snap has over 200 million people engaging with AR on the platform every day and the company claims its users engage with AR more than 6 billion times per day. 

In beta testing, Ulta Beauty has seen success by activating an ‘always-on’ AR approach, running Catalogue-powered Shopping Lenses around the clock. Ulta has generated $6M in incremental purchases on Snapchat, and has seen over 30 million product try-ons within a two week span.  

With the use of catalog-powered Shopping Lenses, MAC Cosmetics has seen 1.3 million try-on experiences at a cost of less than $0.01 per product trial, and has secured 17x higher lift in purchases among females, 2.4x higher lift in brand awareness and 9x higher lift in purchase intent, leading to a +14% sales lift over video spend. 

Three new launch ideas:

  1. For users - new AR shopping user experience

    Catalog-powered Shopping Lenses enable Snapchatters to see key product information and SKU-specific purchase capability, including real-time dynamically updated price and color details. This gives Snapchatters all the relevant product information quickly, as they simply tap on the Lens Product Card to purchase each individual item. 
  1. For brands - real time results

    Lenses are directly linked to companies’ product catalogs, delivering fast real-time analytics to brands. This enables easy tracking of consumer trends and product engagement, offering marketers immediate insights to inform their research and development. Marketers can now leverage Snapchat’s AR try-on as an early indication on which products Snapchatters are engaging with, and utilize these signals when ideating on targeting strategies and early-on decision making for product development – down to the SKU level. 
  1. Two minute Lens Creation 

    Snap have updated last year’s Lens Web Builder so brands can generate a commerce Lens in as fast as two minutes and Beauty brands can do so in just a few clicks.  

Gorman comments: “Starting today, our revamped AR Shopping Lenses will mean a more engaging experience for our Snapchat community, and enable a faster, easier way to build Lenses for businesses -- directly linking Lenses to existing product catalogs for real-time analytics and R&D about which products resonate with Gen Z and Millennial audiences."