Unruly launches CTV ad exchange

Unruly has launched a content-level targeting solution to help publishers segment their inventory based on attributes that mirror TV buys, such as genre and rating. 

Publishers are looking to move from linear TV ads to digital environments, but need a solution that reflects the nature of TV commercials rather than typical online display ads. 

The new CTV programmatic advertising platform will serve publishers who are increasingly looking to meet buyers’ needs for standardised and contextual targeting opportunities on OTT supply. 

At launch, 26 segments are supported based on content attributes.

The tool evaluates the direct publisher partner data and simplifies the content-level attributes into scalable deals for buyers. 

Publishers can also leverage Unruly’s Private Marketplace (PMP) platform, CTRL, to package inventory to more effectively meet growing buyer demand for privacy-conscious, publisher first-party targeting solutions across CTV and video. 

Buyers can activate through Unruly’s direct DSP integrations and via Tremor Video, the demand side of Tremor International’s end-to-end platform.