Plant-based and booze-free: how social listening helped brands through ‘Veganuary’

How did you fare against the rest of the country in supporting Dry January and Veganuary? Consumer insights on social media reveal who (and what) was most talked about in the longest month of the year. 

As January draws to a close, many will be breathing a sigh of relief as they reach the end of Dry January and Veganuary. 

Throughout the month, consumers took to social media to share their experiences of facing the challenge, whether they were able to keep their promises for the whole month, or not… (the PMW team did not).

Talkwalker has provided consumer insights into the conversations surrounding the campaigns and social discussions, including Aldi and Heineken, as they brought out Vegan and non-alcoholic products respectively. 

Global Stats:


  • Total online mentions: 142.6K

  • Positive sentiment: 50.7 percent

Dry January:

  • Total online mentions: 132.7K

  • Positive sentiment: 27.1 percent

Veganuary - UK

  • Total mentions in January: 50.3K


This graph shows how the number of conversations relating to Veganuary changed throughout January

  • Sentiment: 57 percent positive sentiment

  • Gender:

    • Male: 60.7 percent

    • Female: 39.3 percent

  • Age groups:

    • Generation Z: 30.7 percent

    • Millennials:46.9 percent

    • Gen X: 17 percent

    • Boomers: 5.4 percent

  • Conversation Clusters:

  • A large portion of conversations were around the benefits of plant-based diets on our lifestyle, as well as the environment, which has become a growing topic of concern for consumers.

  • Fast-food restaurants in recent months have increased their offering of plant-based meat alternatives, such as chicken nuggets or burgers.

  • As the vegan, and natural trends grow across industries, skincare has become a major discussion topic (11.6 percent of all conversations), with more and more brands launching their own products with natural ingredients. 

  • Conversations from consumers have been mostly positive (57 percent positive sentiment), as consumers share words of encouragement during Veganuary, and share ideas of favourite foods and snacks that can be enjoyed during the campaign.

  • Brands involved:

    • Aldi came up in various discussions as it launched a full line of vegan products, out of which their vegan cheese received the most mentions. This specific cheese received 62.9 percent positive sentiment, with consumers showing their excitement about the product.

Dry January - UK

  • Total mentions in January: 32K



This graph shows how the number of conversations around Dry January changed throughout January

  • Sentiment: 33 percent positive sentiment

  • Demographics (age & gender):

    • Male: 39.1 percent

    • Female: 60.9 percent

  • Age groups:

    • Generation Z: 24.6 percent

    • Millennials: 47.3 percent

    • Gen X: 19.3 percent

    • Boomers: 8.8 percent

  • Conversation Clusters: 


  •  A large portion of conversations were from consumers using the #DryJanuary hashtag (14.2 percent) and general discussions about the campaign (25.6 percent). These discussions included people sharing their motivation for doing Dry January, as well as words of encouragement for others who joined the campaign.

  • The Try Dry app, owned by Alcohol Change UK, received mentions across the country, as a good way to track your savings, and days without drinking. Alcohol Change UK is an organization that leads the Dry January campaign in the UK.

  • Consumers showed interest in supporting their local pubs during this month by buying soft drinks or food, even if they were not consuming alcohol. 

  • Brands involved:

    • Heineken took over 4.3 percent of all discussions with the campaign for its no-alcohol beer. The brand took advantage of Dry January, and its product was received well in the UK


Women are discussing Veganuary more than men, and vice versa for Dry January. 

Across age groups, millennials are the most engaged with both campaigns, but more Gen Z have shown more interest in Veganuary, than Dry January. 

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