Adform ID Fusion aims to shed light on cookie-less audiences

New programmatic solution activates first and third-party IDs across all browsers and devices in a bid to reach the 50% of people hidden by crumbling cookies. 

The tool has been developed by Adform in direct response to the fragmented identity landscape with more consumer touchpoints and increasing privacy barriers. 

ID Fusion activates both first and third-party IDs and in tests it has been shown to access the 50% of users hidden on devices, browsers and channels that do not support third-party cookies.

The company says that average improvement when utilising first-party IDs is at least a twofold increase in click-through rates and a twofold increase in conversion rates on media bought within Safari and Firefox.

“We are at a tipping point within the industry”

Oliver Whitten, Chief Operating Officer at Adform, comments: “We are at a tipping point within the industry. In response to Chrome’s decision to deprecate third-party cookies, a landslide of new identifiers have emerged. This poses a dramatic challenge for marketers who are still dependent on legacy systems built for third-party IDs.”

According to Adform, campaign results with clients have shown: 

  • +120% increase in net reach

  • -60% reduction in media wastage, and

  • 3x increase in average conversion rate. 

Following the launch of Adform FLOW in 2020, a platform that took three years to develop, ID Fusion bridges first and third-party IDs across all browsers and devices in a privacy-centric way. 

The solution enables data-driven targeting, optimisation and measurement in environments like Firefox and Safari, where third-party cookies are no longer supported. 

“First-party IDs can be achieved now – no waiting until 2023”

While Google’s Topics risks only working for Chrome, and Unified ID 2.0 limits usage to one particular ID, Adform says its ID Fusion adjusts to all first-party ID solutions.

Danny Hopwood, SVP, Global Head of Digital Display & Investment Solutions at OMG Global Investment says: “The first-party future has arrived and we at Omnicom are proud to be at the forefront of this transition. We believe that ID Fusion enables us to reduce reliance on third-party cookies and prove that campaign success based on first-party IDs can be achieved now – and not in 2023 when Chrome’s deadline times out. 

“First results have shown the benefit from ID Fusion’s increased success on browsers that do not support third-party IDs, such as Firefox and Safari, as we gained greater incrementality across channels."