Hot tubs, modelling and eBay roulette: with Mark Bainbridge, Dragonfly AI

Mark Bainbridge reveals his most confidential and hilarious personal data, and amuses us with his nuanced humour: "What kind of marketing does Dracula do?"...

Job title

Co Founder and allegedly CMO


Dragonfly AI

How long have you been in your current role?

Living the dream for 4 years so far!

What is the profile picture you use for WhatsApp?

My daughter took it – I love it and a cartoon is way better than the real thing.

What is the fourth image currently on your phone?

A set of stainless steel cutlery from a bunch of random ebay sales, part of a game I actually called ebay roulette.

The simplified rules: buy unseen random lots from general auctions, sell everything at 99p and you are not allowed to keep anything.

The village post office dreads my wheelbarrow loads of sold lots.

Do you have a picture that you feel you need to share – and why

Sadly my Dad passed away in January and we have been house clearing 80 years of memories. I discovered a modelling shoot of yours truly from the early 60s which I promised to show my Mrs. Here's me sporting some rather stylish fashion from the period...

What is an annoying thing you find yourself saying a lot?

“The key to…” – the prefix has actually been banned at home. Apparently I don’t know anything specialist about anything…

What is the last thing you bought in an actual shop?

Supper for my brothers from Waitrose in High Barnet – the only shop in Barnet that is not a charity shop.

What is the last thing you bought online?

A black tank top – to go with my black tank.

What was your dream job growing up?

Soldier – had to make do with a decade as CMO. I would have been a total liability if weaponised...

What is your dream job now?

I should say CMO and Co-Founder of Dragonfly AI but secretly I cut birds on a totally voluntary basis for my Mrs’ business,

Where are you most likely to be seen after work?

Home – as I walk from the dining room to the sitting room.

What is your 'tune'?

If this is for when I sweep down a staircase to collect a lifetime achievement award it would be Zadoc the Priest by Handel.

If I'm mowing the lawn, Creep by Radio Head.

What is your breakfast and morning routine?

Coffee, berrocca, glucosamine, cycle, hot tub.

What is your favourite stat?

The record for constipation – 108 days.

Can you tell us a joke (ideally performance marketing related)...?

"What kind of marketing does Dracula do?" - "I don't know, what?" - "A-count based marketing"

(Available for stand-up and weddings…)