Outbrain takes native ads cookie-less with AI-powered bidding tool

Engagement Bid strategy (EBS) is a new AI-based performance optimisation solution using attention metrics, without the need of cookies or tracking codes.

Native ad giant Outbrain has launched Engagement Bid Strategy (EBS), a new, automatic performance optimization solution for creative ad serving. The marketer’s tool aims to be ‘ahead of the curve’ by not requiring third-party cookies or website tracking codes.

The new solution adjusts cost-per-click bidding in real-time by analysing data from the advertiser website analytics system. 

The EBS does not require any campaign tracking code (‘performance pixel’) to be installed on the advertiser website making campaign set up and performance much simpler and faster.

Lior Charka, Vice President, Product at Outbrain, says: “We analyse campaign performance and audience behaviour data directly from the advertiser analytics system and automatically optimise the campaign for you.” 

‘Ahead of the curve’

“As brands are fighting for customer attention, we expect that the addition of attention metrics within our platform will help marketers optimise their campaigns towards user intent in a cookie-less manner while driving long term outcomes,” continues Charka.

“We keep innovating for marketers ahead of the curve,” says Yaron Galai, Founder and Co-CEO of Outbrain. “EBS is specifically designed to help marketers drive campaign performance in a cookie-less world.”

Outbrain is a New York-based recommendation platform for the open web. Their technology connects advertisers to their audiences to grow their business.