Katy Perry, Kismet and Karma with Joshna Rughani, Artfinder

'What’s a movie director’s favourite part of a search ad?' and other humorous tales...

We sat down with Joshna Rughani, E-commerce Director at Artfinder, to discover her personal data...

What is the fourth most recent image currently taken on your phone?

It will be a picture of my son. It is pretty much what’s all over my phone and all I take pictures of!

What is your most recent internet search query?

It was yesterday when I was out with my colleagues for lunch and we were looking for somewhere for lunch. So, it was Busaba.

What is an annoying thing you find yourself saying a lot?

I say a word which I realise is a pet hate of mine. I use the word ‘like’ a lot when I'm talking and I might have used it already! I say it a lot but I'm trying not to say it as much.

What was the last thing you bought in an actual shop?

Groceries. I went to Sainsbury's last week and just bought some bread, the usual, nothing exciting.

What was the last thing you bought online?

Flowers for one of my friends. It was her birthday, so I sent her some flowers.

What was your dream job growing up?

I always wanted to be a presenter on the TV. I just thought it looked like so much fun and they got to meet so many cool people so I thought I want to do that!

What is your dream job now?

What I'm doing!!!

Where are you most likely to be seen after work?

At home. I have a toddler, so I no longer have a social life. I will pick him up and we’ll be at home.

What is your annoying habit?

My most annoying habit… Ooo…. I don't know! I probably have so many.

I am a planner. I always need to know what’s going on and have a plan, so I’ll probably be the one pestering people to tell me what we're doing and when we’re doing it. I like to plan in advance and people probably don't like that much.

What could you not go a day or a week without?

Having me time. I need my space… and probably my phone.

What is your ‘tune’?

Mine is actually quite cheesy – Katy Perry, Firework. There's a story behind it which was back in the day when I was new into my career. I actually won an award for Performance Marketing Manager of the Year and that was the song that played when I walked up to get my award and whenever I hear it it reminds me of that. It was my moment!

What is your daily breakfast?

My daily breakfast is pretty boring – plain porridge and a cup of tea, nothing exciting!

What is your favourite quote?

My favourite quote is not a quote, it's a word, ‘kismet’. It means karma and everything happens for a reason. I use it as my mantra in life. So if anything bad happens, it's fine, there’s a reason, I'll figure it out later.

I think it’s meant to mean ‘in god will’ but i don't think of it in that way, I think of it more as ‘fate’.

Can you tell us a performance marketing joke?

"What’s a movie director’s favourite part of a search ad?"

- "I don’t know, what?"

"The Call To Action!"