Mediaocean streamlines personalisation for brands with social creative tool

The global ad tech platform has launched a new set of creative solutions for social media personalisation and performance, bridging the walled gardens.

The social media tool is designed to help brands and agencies accelerate the scale of creative production through cross-platform social media management, and will improve overall social campaign performance.

What this means for brands:

  • Personalised ads: With consumers expecting to receive tailored content across channels, the new solution will enable brands to gain access to automated ad personalisation. The platform’s centralised digital asset library allows users to easily and rapidly produce thousands of personalised social media ads in minutes. 

  • Streamlined workflow: Brands will be able to integrate cross-platform social media campaign management, centralised reporting, and optimization. Automated variations through composite design and bulk templates will create a single workflow to build across social platforms. 

Shamsul Chowdhury, VP Paid Social, at Jellyfish, says: “Automated creative personalisation not only preserves key branding and campaign messaging across the ever-expanding network of social media platforms, but also frees up our team to focus on our key strengths – consumer insight and marketing strategy.” 

“This constant tug-of-war around social media creative formatting and execution shouldn’t be where agencies spend their time, and automating this process allows us to deliver much stronger performance for our clients.”

Inside and outside the walled gardens 

Social media serves as one of the most popular channels today, with platforms like TikTok having experienced tremendous growth in popularity. With social media ad spend expected to reach $177 billion by the end of the year (Zenith, Dec 2021), activating across the wide network of social media platforms and channels has been a long-standing challenge for brands and agencies.

“Consumers today expect and are accustomed to receiving relevant and personalised experiences across channels, so brands must meet that expectation inside and outside walled gardens, nimbly and at scale,” said Mediaocean President, John Nardone. 

 “Our platform unites several best of breed capabilities to uniquely deliver that value proposition for brands and their agency partners.”

The platform manages over a third of global ad spend each year ($200 billion).

Customers using Mediacean’s social solutions have seen greater workflow efficiencies and increased campaign performance.

Highlights include:

  • 22+ hours per week saved on optimizations

  • 2+ days per month saved on creative production workflow

  • 367 percent higher conversion rate with rules-based automation

  • 50 percent higher increase in ROI with personalised creative

  • 54 percent lower cost per acquisition on B2B lead generation

This new offering is the first following Mediaocean’s acquisition of Flashtalking, combining its existing technology and new Flashtalking capabilities to accelerate brands’ speed to market and improve social advertising.