How Burst Oral Care rebranded for on-shelf appeal and saw a 20% ROAS boost

To maximise return it's important to be mindful of all your consumer touchpoints (including keeping up with the Kardashians!)

The context

As one of the most successful direct-to-consumer businesses in the US, BURST Oral Care has grown rapidly in the five years since launch. However, it was about to begin the next stage of its growth – introducing new product ranges and an entirely new sales channel. Alongside these commercial opportunities there were creative challenges to overcome.


As part of an ambitious expansion, BURST had been developing a range of kids’ products and was about to make its first foray into the US retail market. The original brand created by Ico Design had worked very well online and on the direct-to-consumer packaging. With a shift into retail imminent, the team recognised the brand would need to be carefully reconsidered to give it maximum impact within an environment where immediate shelf presence is vital.

Although direct-to-consumer would remain BURST’s main sales channel, its packaging also had to stand out in a crowded in-store environment where the products would sit adjacent to the competition.

Ico Design also needed to find a way to differentiate the different strands of the growing BURST business – oral care, the kids' range, and more health/wellness focused products – mindful that they needed to all feel at once part of the same family.


After numerous discussions with the client, both parties felt that it was the perfect time to rebrand BURST. This meant developing all aspects of the brand, creating a visual and verbal identity that would address the commercial challenges it faced today, as well as helping to create a strong foundation for future growth.

Launched as a challenger brand, BURST aims to make the finest oral care available to everyone. Rebranding was an opportunity to build on the positivity, expertise and irreverence that sat at the heart of BURST, and to find new ways to bring that energy to a wider audience.

The design team looked at the rebrand from two perspectives: how it would appear as the overall BURST master brand (both on and offline), and then how it is articulated on the sub-brands — the first of which was the kids’ range, where Ico Design helped define the bold colour scheme on both the packs and the brushes themselves.

When designing the kids’ range, the team considered the entire experience – using design to create an instant connection with the user through play and discovery. This informed not only the online experience and the content they created, but also the packaging that took inspiration from advent calendars and treasure boxes with hidden drawers. The design intent was to make not just the packaging, but the entire unboxing experience as engaging as possible —ultimately to stand out from competitors.

One of the fundamental decisions was to change the BURST logo — making it simpler and bolder to ensure it had maximum stand out on retail packaging, and allow the creation of lockups for sub brands, collaborations, etc. A new master typeface was selected, once again mindful of the need to work both on- and offline.

This rebrand was also an opportunity to take stock of all the many different aspects of the brand — from product CGIs to user-generated content and lifestyle photography. The new BURST brand created a system that can seamlessly accommodate all these different content types and is fully ready to launch further sub-brands as and when ready.

Alongside the launch of the kids’ range, BURST released limited edition lavender versions of both its sonic toothbrush and water flosser. This was accompanied by hero animations and an unmissable endorsement from Kim Kardashian West. The colour selection was perfectly timed – ‘Veri Peri’ lavender was named Pantone colour of the year for 2022.

Meanwhile Khloe's was enrolled too on her Insta, using a piece of corn to show how effectively the brush can clean.

In the week following the launch, although the media buying strategy remained unchanged, the brand saw a 20 percent increase in ROAS performance, which has largely been attributed to the new brand identity.


Creating the new BURST brand was primarily a commercial decision. It helps solidify its position as an ‘unstoppable oral care company’, with more products in the pipeline.

Since the rebrand, there has been a large increase in engagement across all the different touchpoints:

  • The month after launch saw a 45 percent increase in site visits (versus the prior 30-day period)
  • During the week of the rebrand, BURST saw a 33 percent increase in brand interest
  • BURST Kids content drove 3x engagement compared what other BURST products had achieved at launch
  • Press coverage of the BURST Kids brush garnered over 31 million unique views
  • Kim Kardashian West’s endorsement drove awareness, with BURST’s social channels seeing a 5000 percent uplift in engagement at launch
  • The lavender brush saw 212 press coverage pickups at launch, with an estimated reach of 171 million
  • The unboxing experience led to social coverage from 20 major influencers and an additional 300 million media impressions

What the client said

“The initial brand grabbed attention, but we kept hearing back from the market that we were going to have to iterate if we wanted to reach a real mass scale.

“We’d built the BURST brand to be optimised when shipping directly to consumers, but when we looked at the retail environment and how it’d appear on shelf we thought, ‘we have some work to do’.

“The business case for investing in the rebrand was very real and very sustainable. The new brand leaves people with a consistent understanding of who BURST is, and its purpose, no matter how they experience us — online, in-store on TV. We’re incredibly happy with the results; we all feel that this rebrand is going to carry us forward for quite some time. It’s positioned us as a fully-fledged oral care company, and we’re confident that this will be the expression that eventually sees BURST become a household name.”

Brittany Stewart, Co-founder and COO



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