How SYZYGY ensures Deliveroo a peak standout for first time downloads

A continual test and learn approach in app store optimisation meant SYZYGY exceeded Deliveroo’s targets of first-time app downloads in 2021.

Jack Theophanous, SYZYGY’s ASO Specialist explains how an ongoing process of app store listing optimisation is helping Deliveroo ensure peak positioning…

The background

Competition for primacy in app stores has become heated, especially when it comes to the food takeaway delivery business and during multiple COVID-19 lockdowns. 

As part of its retained relationship with Deliveroo, SYZYGY is conducting an ongoing process of app store listing optimisation across Google Play and Apple ecosystems, ensuring peak positioning for the brand.  

App store placement is critical for Deliveroo for acquiring new customers. Given ongoing competitor activity in app stores, achieving best placement for searches from hungry eaters is a constant task, as well as making sure content stands out.

Deliveroo set targets of a 10% increase in new users year-on-year in 2021 across twelve markets including the UK, Spain, France, Singapore, Italy, and Germany. 

The solution 

SYZYGY handles a range of ongoing A/B test-and-learn trials in both Google Play and Apple app stores, which work to slightly different parameters per market. The challenge across each region is four-fold: 

  • Communicating Deliveroo’s specific value proposition, 
  • Clearly conveying information in a relatively small space, 
  • Inspiring confidence from app downloaders, and, most importantly,  
  • Addressing specific user needs by market. 

In short, simply adopting a one-size-fits-all approach is not effective.

By using data to test and prioritise ongoing trialled hypotheses, SYZYGY has run more than 65 different tests of creative and copy amendments on both app store platforms in 2021. For example, in Italy, one A/B test featured a ‘control’ Deliveroo logo image on a generic salad background, versus a new test creative of a specific food type – a burger in this case – with image and graphics as a more focal point, alongside the Deliveroo logo. 

This test led to an uplift of 1.74% more first-time app installers, who were drawn in by both a prominent and popular cuisine choice of image and eye-catching text in the target language.  

But learning does not always translate across markets. When testing a similar font plus image format in the UK, the format of a curry image selection actually decreased impact by 1.29%, as it reduced the clarity of both the cuisine choice and the image text on the chosen food picture. Alternative image trials which allowed the food and font to ‘pop’ produced uplifts of between 0.59% and 1.60%.  

When focusing on one aspect of Deliveroo’s value proposition – its partner brands – a separate UK test looked at highlighting the visibility of partners, including KFC, Pizza Hut, and Pizza Express ahead of more ‘generic’ food shots. Each iteration of these imagery trials produced impact uplifts from users.  

Finally, a trial for the Singapore market looked at the power of two branded images.

Despite using a less expansive shot, a higher quality image featuring a close up of sandwich fillings produced a dramatic uplift in interest of 11.39%, demonstrating that in a relatively small space, the quality of product shot can be a bigger influencer than a focus on the brand partner.  


This continual test-and-learn effort, to remain highly visible and appealing in app stores to new users, resulted in SYZYGY driving an additional 11.5% app first time downloads throughout 2021 – exceeding Deliveroo’s targets. 

Each incremental uplift on trial creative accrues over time to help Deliveroo remain dominant in app store searches for terms beyond brand names, and keeps targets on track year-on-year, even against similar competitor techniques and across multiple markets. 



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