The industry must move from short-term metrics and focus on long-term performance

From viewability to internal benchmarks, the industry obsession with short-term metrics is becoming less viable. Is it time for marketers to turn their attention to customer experience?

The industry must move from short-term metrics and focus on long-term performance

Angelique Whittaker, UK Sales Director at Inskin Media – an Azerion company, makes the case for why fewer, better ads that create a premium experience will enable brands to go beyond attention to deliver outcomes.

For far too long, the advertising industry has been reliant on metrics that are solely focused on informing short-term decisions. Take viewability, for example. It tells us if an ad has had an opportunity to be seen by a consumer, but fails to tell us if the ad has actually been seen by that person, or the impact it may have had on them. And, for even longer than viewability, the click-through rate has been the source of inefficient measurement.

With the industry now starting to adjust its focus toward long-term brand building, rather than quick wins, it’s time to move beyond these outdated metrics, and instead look to attention as the most effective way to measure campaign performance. Being able to capture consumer attention, and then measure the actual impact it has had, can only benefit brands in the long run.

This is particularly key in the world we now live in where, on the back of the pandemic, consumer behaviour is very different to the way it was a couple of years ago. 

Creating attention

The secret ingredient to capturing the attention of consumers is something that has not always been the main focus for advertisers: creativity. Powerful creative content has often, in the past, been an afterthought, with many campaigns powered by an over-reliance on data. Of course, this desire to pump streams of data into advertising will not be as prevalent once the deprecation of Chrome’s third-party cookies comes into effect in 2023. This will finally give creativity the respect it deserves after years of blind faith in one-to-one targeting.

Moreover it is widely known that creativity is the number one driver when it comes to the effectiveness of advertising, accounting for 47 percent of sales uplift achieved from a campaign, while targeting is responsible for a mere 9 percent of that. As a result, it means that, though powerful creative can deliver positive sales outcomes, bad creative can have the opposite effect. 

Powerful creative placed within premium, relevant environments can achieve more attention than standard display ads. Consider a cheaply designed leaflet coming through your door versus a glossy brochure with engaging imagery, and clear content. Which of the two are you more likely to give your attention, and not just throw straight into the recycling bin?

Brands have little excuse for not using high-impact advertising in this day and age. There are easy-to-use formats that can be bought at scale across reliable publisher sites, and it has never been easier to run ad campaigns that stand out.

At the same time, the industry must remember that fewer, better ads which create a premium experience will enable brands to capture attention and deliver real outcomes. We cannot ignore the user experience, as we so often have in the past. The focal point of every single digital campaign we deliver should be the consumer. 

Attention = brand + performance

Using attention as a metric will show how the high-impact advertising being served is managing to deliver on both brand and performance, while ensuring that the user has been positioned as the main consideration. Seeking out credible, independent measurement that shows attention as having a demonstrable impact on brand and performance should be the minimum in place for understanding the effectiveness of a campaign. 

As the world recovers from the pandemic, we continue to adapt to how this period has changed consumer behaviours. There has never been a better time to build a brand and deliver advertising performance – and attention is the way we make that happen. 

By Angelique Whittaker

UK Sales Director

Inskin, an Azerion company


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