Direct to Consumer winner: FCB Chicago

Cox Communications’ Panoramic Wifi needed a campaign that reached out to a ‘genuine’ modern family – and stories of blended families hit the mark for this PMW US Award.

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As the largest private broadband company in America, Cox Communications serves more than seven million homes and businesses across 18 states. It services markets that are more ethnically diverse than the national average, citing the ‘Mass Diverse’ society, and it recognised a need to authentically connect with consumers and that any campaign portrayed a “genuine modern family”.

Using insights into the way families interact that would resonate with Hispanic and non-Hispanic audiences alike, the campaign content illustrated how technology intersects with all of modern life, from the good to the bad, the funny and the frustrating. 

The campaign was judged to tell stories of a blended family that embodied various bicultural characteristics - a nod to biculturalism as a spectrum rather than a single identity.

Judges’ comments

The campaign was judged to have “great audience insight and content to match” by Kris Tait, US Managing Director at Croud, with Rachel Ooms, Executive Director of Hearts & Science, agreeing that it represented a “great use of audience insight”. 

The focus of the ‘Mass Diverse’ society and how technology interacts with modern family life was appreciated by Matt Brown, Managing Director of SYZYGY, who said that this award-winning entry was “an important campaign that recognises true modern family and societal demographics, beyond traditional marketing segments”, while Kyle Jackson, EVP, Precision & Performance Marketing for Publicis Media, was complimentary of the research behind the customer that the campaign was reaching, and “how they leaned into messaging that resonates”.