One to Watch winner: Kristina Nolan for DMi Partners

DMi Partners’ VP of Affiliate, Kristina Nolan, is “a talented individual” who has achieved 100% year-on-year growth for brands and the team she serves.

Kristina Nolan Dmi Partners

Kristina Nolan is VP of Affiliate for DMi Partners, a full-service performance marketing agency. Under Nolan’s leadership the affiliate team had grown 100% in 2019 and 216% in 2020. 

As this trend continues, the agency was closing in on growing the department by another 85% by the end of 2021. 

Kristina has uniquely decided to employ dedicated publisher development managers to establish and nurture relationships with top level publishers, ensuring long-lasting partnerships and favorable results for all parties. 

As the COVID pandemic generated an upsurge in e-commerce, brands increasingly turned to non-traditional marketing avenues like affiliate to offset losses. Kristina identified this trend early and recognised how the performance-based nature of affiliate marketing offered an attractive proposition for businesses that were hyper-conscious of spending amidst market uncertainty. 

Her efforts in fostering collaboration and developing all-inclusive marketing strategies have culminated in year-on-year increases in revenue for each of the brands her team serves. Word of her success has spread, and brands are taking notice with several agency clients adopting and reaping the benefits of affiliate marketing for the first time.

Judges’ comments

Kristina is “one to watch for sure!”, said Kris Tait, Managing Director, Croud, who added that “she capitalized on the pandemic and the change in both user and business behavior.” Rachel Ooms, Executive Director of Hearts & Science highlighted Kristina as “a talented individual”.

Dalbir Gill, VP of Global Partnerships at Seedtag, commented: “She showed versatility and creativity with new opportunities found because of COVID. The company building a team around her also clearly shows the value she has added and how highly rated she is.”