Team of the Year winner: DMi Partners, Affiliate Marketing Team

DMi Partners defines its core purpose as “creating opportunities for growth”. It applies this mantra to both client work and its team, delivering 505% QoQ revenue growth for Rastelli’s.

Team of the Year winner: DMi Partners, Affiliate Marketing Team

DMi Partners initiated a script-flipping partnership strategy for client Rastelli’s that would ultimately deliver 505% revenue growth quarter on quarter (QoQ) and a customer-centric new normal.

The idea was to take an extraordinary ongoing pandemic situation and turn it not only into a growth opportunity, but also into a sustainable way of doing business by: 

  • Immediately bringing value to consumers facing unprecedented disruption to food access while making Rastelli’s a household name.

  • Leveraging the full funnel of non-traditional performance-based partnerships to reach new consumers, build awareness, drive sales, and build a framework for sustainable long-term growth.

DMi Partners was able to convince top publishers of the untapped earning potential available from performance partnerships. By winning over publishers, the agency was able to negotiate hundreds of commerce content placements for Rastelli’s that generated not only sales, but also a crucial uptick in brand awareness.

Within a few hours of the first B2B partner email campaign, Rastelli’s was seeing direct sales at levels it had not seen in months. Within a week, sales were skyrocketing. DMi secured 200+ commerce content placements with mass media outlets and now 92% of partnership-generated revenue for is content-driven.

DMi Partners also applies its “creating opportunities for growth” mantra to its team. In an era where agency churn is soaring, particularly among younger workers, employees who join DMi right out of college stay with the company for six years or more on average. DMi attributes this longevity to a philosophy of transparent career growth timelines and rewarding hard work with a path to elevated status and compensation. 

This incentive-based approach to growth is coupled with an atmosphere of teamwork, community and comradery, which is equally as important to team members as competitive salaries and title advancement.

Judges’ comments

“Tremendous work,” said Rachel Ooms, Executive Director of Hearts & Science, adding that  “getting partners to change a pricing model is a huge undertaking.” Matt Brown, Managing Director of SYZYGY, was also impressed by the well executed multi-faceted strategy delivering 505% QoQ revenue growth.

Kyle Jackson, EVP, Precision & Performance Marketing for Publicis Media, commented: “The DMi team got creative with ways to drive new sales through performance based partnerships. The revenue growth is impressive.”