Brightcom and Intent IQ team up for cookie-free cross device IDs

As user cookie IDs start going dark, this new adtech partnership claims to offer advertisers real-time data accessibility with ‘up to 97% accuracy’.

Brightcom, a Publisher-Side Platform, has struck a partnership with Intent IQ. a next generation identity resolution company. 

Under the deal, Brightcom will begin utilising Intent IQ's bid enhancement service to better identify IDs in a cookieless environment via Intent IQ’s identity device graph.  

The partnership allows for the Intent IQ identity device graph to aggregate all of Brightcom’s publisher SSP and DSP IDs into a single Intent IQ Person ID,  while returning partner SSP and DSP IDs when those are missing.

Intent IQ supports third-party cookie and cookieless environments, such as Safari and the future Chrome.

“Our partnership with Intent IQ allows us to maintain uncompromising programmatic advertising solutions with proprietary capabilities in a post-cookie world," said Etai Eitany, Brightcom CEO. "We have built a solid reputation for helping site owners and app developers maximize revenue across all devices and environments, including display, video, and audio. Cooperating with Intent IQ will help our partners flourish in 2022 and beyond.” 

“As Brightcom serves over five billion monthly impressions, this partnership is a testament to the work we have invested in our bid enhancement technology,” said Roy Shkedi, Intent IQ Chairman. “We are excited about the significant revenue increase Intent IQ's bid enhancement service will provide Brightcom and its publishers.”