Data meets design: VidMob’s Creative Automation reduces ad testing costs for brands

The AI-driven tool 'frees creative teams from the tedium' of manually producing size, platform and product variations for performance-based advertising, giving brands and agencies “the fastest path to creative that works”.

VidMob has announced the availability of Creative Automation, a new tool that combines high quality creative with the ability to create limitless versions.

The product will initially offer automation for dynamic product ads for Meta, followed by support for other platforms by the end of the year. 

The tool is aimed at retailers and direct to consumer brands that can create thousands of high quality dynamic product ads at scale. 

Deborah Folloni, Director of Product Marketing at VidMob, said: “Scaling creative production is often a tradeoff between quality and quantity, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Creative Automation is designed to drive brand consistency and quality, while automatically generating iterations of the original creative concept across platforms. Creative teams will be able to better support multiple versions of ads for testing, localisations or product variations.” 

McKinsey research shows that companies who harness creativity and analytics in tandem to drive marketing performance have 2x higher growth rates than those who do not.

Creative Automation is a new capability that complements the AI-driven insights from VidMob’s Intelligent Creative platform. The combination, with the company’s Creative Analytics, Creative Scoring, Creative Studio and Creative Network, will enable creative teams to more seamlessly create high quality creative at scale. Creative Automation is a key addition to VidMob’s offering, empowering advertisers to test hypotheses and apply learnings to achieve dramatic performance improvements.

While most quality advertising is focused on the brand messaging at the top of the marketing funnel, VidMob provides creatives with the technology to bring quality to the performance-based advertising. 

“The vision for Creative Automation is to give our advertiser and brand clients the tools they need to dramatically improve the creative process through efficiency, insight and scale,” added Folloni. “We are dedicated to supporting creative teams. Our platform helps creative teams better execute on a big idea - by measuring what works and automating the work that creatives shouldn’t have to do.”