Lead Generation Winner: Yahoo & Carat

The PMW APAC Awards 2022 winners impressed judges with a campaign focused on driving leads programmatically in Singapore’s saturated telco market.

98% of Singapore’s population owns a mobile phone so it is a saturated market in terms of opportunities for tapping into demand and customers for products and services. But as competition heated up and a change in consumer behavior was driven by the pandemic, one of the country’s longest standing major telco providers, StarHub, was looking to utilize its long-term strategy of online and in-store experience to drive online conversions and purchases for its mobile phones and service plans.

In partnership with StarHub’s media agency Carat and Yahoo, the provider launched a lead generation campaign powered by synergistic first-party data and artificial intelligence. 

The campaign, now the winner of PMW’s APAC Award for Lead Generation, targeted non-StarHub subscribers, particularly zeroing in on those subscribed to competitors and those with an interest in mobile phones and the latest models and technology.

Right place, right time, right message

The approach involved achieving a trifecta of reaching the right person, at the right place and time, with the right message. Mashing up Yahoo’s 200 billion cross-screen data points from search, mail and content (alongside other markers) with StarHub’s CRM data succeeded to complete the picture of the audience and the strategic programmatic campaign focused on – with a keen eye to privacy-centric considerations:

  • Optimizing reach;
  • Driving a straightforward customer purchase journey; and
  • Maximizing ROI and ROAS.

Yahoo, in partnership with Carat, succeeded in generating actionable leads, enhancing StarHub’s brand awareness and driving sales for its mobile phones and plans. The campaign propelled conversions and performance for one of the country’s major and established telco providers while consistently driving one of the lowest cost-per-acquisition rates across all channels. Subsequently the campaign was extended to run for six months, from an initial two.

Judges’ comments

Monica Chia, Regional Experience Director of Reprise APAC commented that the campaign represented a “focus on improving quality leads over the campaign period, resulting in impressive results”. 

Meanwhile Vaidehi Singh Sharma at Blazeclan Technologies noted that using Yahoo was “a good move” and Mazan Mroueh, Co-Founder of Digicrowns remarked that the entry was “a great example of using first party data”.