Marketing Innovation winner: Yahoo

Gaming became the top choice for entertainment during the quarantine in the Philippines. Despite a track-record as the gaming community’s snack of choice, Doritos wanted to broaden appeal, and Yahoo responded with a trailblazer campaign with a virtual AR game.

The Philippines emerged as the fastest-growing market for gaming in Southeast Asia when the nation took to gaming at the height of its community quarantine. 

Doritos wanted to respond and broaden its appeal and engage the true digital native generation of consumers – Gen Z. In a well-timed move to ride on the buzz around the launch of PlayStation 5 in the country, Yahoo worked with Doritos to create a campaign featuring a virtual AR game. 

The game – Doritos AR Quest – combined blockchain and geo-location technology, and challenged audiences to a virtual hunt for Doritos chips shaped in the PlayStation controller’s icons and placed in virtual Doritos packs. More than 4,000 prizes were up for grabs ranging from packs of Doritos to a PlayStation 5.

Yahoo boosted reach and helped to target different audience segments securely and precisely. Display, video and native ads were served to Yahoo’s first-party interest segments and Custom Audiences modeled on purchase receipt segments. 

Alongside this, lookalike audiences modeling on the snack’s existing customer base were also leveraged, and there was a campaign timeline, with refreshed visuals, such as a countdown clock periodically optimized towards user actions. Doritos also contributed to the reach – targeting local gaming influencers on social channels to build brand engagement and cement its status among gamers.

The campaign reached more than 11 million people at a yield of more than 140 million impressions. Targets were passed early – with registered gamer targets exceeded by around 10% before an early close of registrations. Brand impact was obvious, and industry benchmarks were surpassed in the Philippines with a 30% higher click-through-rate and 40% lower cost-per-click.

Judges’ comments

Mazen Mroueh, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development at Digicrowns,praised the “innovative campaign” while Carlos Matriano, Head of Innovation and eCommerce Omnicom Media Group, said it was “a good use of a popular promotion and pop culture, mixed in with technology to drive engagements”. 

Monica Chia, Regional Experience Director at Reprise APAC, highlighted the “great understanding of the intersection of audience interests” while Vaidehi Singh Sharma, Senior Marketing Manager at Blazeclan Technologies loved the “great example of riding on another brand and leveraging the trends”.