Data and Insights winner: OMD Singapore and Amobee

Youth focussed mobile network GOMO worked with OMD and Amobee to build a multi-touch attribution model to optimize its campaigns. This work has won a PMW APAC Award 2022 for a campaign that brought out extra value across the customer journey, not just the final outcome.

PMW APAC Awards OMD Amobee

GOMO is a sub-brand of Singtel, Singapore’s largest telecommunications network. As a digital, no-contract mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) it is great for recruiting a youth audience into the Singtel portfolio, thereby future-proofing Singtel. 

Given its digital nature, a significant amount of GOMO investment is in performance marketing, seeking to improve cost per acquisition (CPA) and conversions.

Singtel’s existing attribution model was based on a last touch model (common practice in the digital world), which gives 100% of a conversion’s credit to the last click or impression, which is often search or retargeting. This model disregards the multi-dimensional nature of consumer purchase behavior.

The challenge for OMD and Amobee was to develop a custom multi-touch attribution (MTA) model that would help increase GOMO’s sign ups whilst lowering the CPA through data-driven performance marketing.

Hence, the team based the MTA engine on the Markov Chain model, known for its use in advanced sequence mapping predictions, such as weather forecasting and stock market analytics. 

To use the Markov Chain model to fuel media decisions, the team needed to feed it with hundreds of thousands of consumer journeys to analyze ad sequence, ad interactions, user outcome and investment. From this, each ad type could be allocated a ‘transition probability’ – the probability of moving a user through the funnel and ultimately converting.

With the model, the analytics and the dashboard, OMD and Amobee were able to pinpoint ideal combinations and high performing ad types, leading to better allocation of investment, higher conversions and lower CPAs.

Judges’ comments

Monica Chia, Regional Experience Director from Reprise APAC said the work “devised a solution that optimized not just to impressive media outcomes, but also brand health”.

Mazen Mroueh, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development, Digicrowns, said the campaign showed “excellent use of data, creative, and channels to set [it]apart from the brand’s competitors and deliver outstanding performance for the client”.