Programmatic Advertising winner: OMD and Amobee

The project successfully executed getting programmatic strategy right and minimizing cannibalisation across products, increasing conversions by 118%.

GOMO is Singtel's digital, no-contract, SIM-only brand. It launched in March 2019 to compete with Circles Life and MyRepublic, who operate in the MVNO (mobile virtual network operators) space and are designed to attract younger customers with their affordable, high data plans. 

However, Singtel found that, while GOMO was doing relatively well at acquiring new customers, a high percentage (30%) of these were coming from their existing Singtel user base, and this was highly damaging to their revenue, as Singtel is a much more profitable part of the business than GOMO.

Their programmatic activity required smarter and more purposeful targeting. However, this often comes at a higher cost. To achieve efficient data-driven optimisations they employed a four part strategy:

  1. The right data signals: Firstly, focusing existing Singtel customers through first party data, to exclude them. Secondly, device internet service providers (ISPs), to target competitor ISPs and again, exclude Singtel users.

  2. Programmatic capabilities: They needed a full funnel mix of targeting and formats, including video, display, and native, applying unique combinations of data to extract the most value from each platform, and excluding the Singtel users.

  3. Sophisticated retargeting: Retargeting off GOMO’s website was essential to capturing high intent audiences, however this is also a major cannibalisation potential point. With a comprehensive retargeting approach, using DV360, they retargeted anyone who landed on several of their pages, applying varying frequencies and overlaying exclusions of existing audiences across every single layer.

  • Multi-touch attribution (MTA) model: They built a custom MTA model based on advanced analytics and data sequencing modeling, and an interactive dashboard, which helped to understand the true value of each programmatic channel and format. This model drove pivotal mid-campaign changes, for example upweighting native executions by 70%, and applying unique frequency caps by targeting and format based on frequency distribution models. 

  • Six months into the new approach, the effective targeting, execution, modeling and optimizing showed successful results. 

    From April to October they reduced cannibalisation of Singtel users to GOMO by 42.5%. 

    They simultaneously increased programmatic-driven conversions by a huge 118% (Oct vs. Apr). Despite a highly targeted approach, they still managed to reduce their CPA by an impressive 38% (Oct vs. Apr).

    Judges’ comments

    “A clear execution of the campaign objective with impressive results!” commented Monica Chia, Regional Experience Director for Reprise APAC. She commended the strategy of “deploying and using tech partners to extract the most value, while continuously optimizing and modeling for effectiveness”.

    Vaidehi Singh Sharma, Senior Marketing Manager at Blazeclan Technologies, added: “the targeting and segmentation of landing pages are excellent.” Nathalie Pellegrini, Chief Performance Officer APAC at Mindshare also agreed with their “good approach to solve company challenges.”