3000 miles to Morocco: Attention Seekers, episode 5

Charlie Cadbury predicts Elon Musk's Twitter dreams, reinvents a White and Black TV, and fascinates over the 'Internet of Things'.

Performance marketing is all about attention. It’s the currency that is traded between consumers and advertisers, whether it’s seconds on a screen or clicks on a link. So, if you’re not an attention seeker, you’re not doing it right.

Attention Seekers is our brand new podcast where we get to know who’s seeking attention in the industry and how they’re doing it. Joined by guests ranging from senior executives to junior starters, we talk about what's overrated and underrated in the industry with host, Lucy Shelley, Junior Reporter at PMW.

Attention Seeker Charlie Cadbury, CEO of Say It Now, reveals his ratings within performance marketing and let's us rate him and his attempt of the 'Re-sell me a pen' challenge! The great grandson of the Cadbury founder delves into his own business of voice commerce, his fascination with the 'Internet of Things' and explains why he rode 3000 miles to Morocco.

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