Winning the last mile of performance marketing: can you improve your delivery and customer experience?

Along with an increase in sales comes a surge in savvy, as customers start to expect and demand more from their e-commerce.

Some businesses understand the importance of going the extra mile, but for others it’s more about making sure that final mile is as painless as possible. To extend the e-commerce boom we’ve experienced over the last couple of years in response to being holed up indoors, many businesses are realising that the answer is to up their game when it comes to the way customers receive and even return items they have bought online.

According to a new report by logistics platform Bringg, increased visibility, automation and better end-customer experiences are critical factors in supporting logistical and transportation providers’ drive to increase revenue. The study, which surveyed 200 logistics and transportation leaders, from across North America and Europe, on their last-mile operations, looks at growth strategies, and how to bridge the gap between growing delivery trends and current capabilities supported by technology in order to fuel and sustain long-term growth. 

And it seems clear from the results that having the kind of technology in place that can offer excellent visibility in the last delivery mile makes a big difference to consumers, brands and logistics providers alike, with more than half of respondents (54%) pointing towards business analytics across all carriers as being the thing that would give them a competitive advantage.

Offering automated tools for visibility that can lead to exceptional customer experiences topped the list for most logistics and delivery providers, as well as being the most offered capability. In order to offer real-time visibility and automation, 86% of providers are either already using order-batching technology, or plan to by 2024.

As returns and same-day delivery become fundamental offerings for shippers, logistics providers who can extend these services will have a competitive advantage in the market. These models can be achieved quickly by tapping into on-demand, contracted carriers to facilitate same-day delivery for shippers, while using existing drivers and technology that supports omnichannel last mile delivery flows to manage deliveries and returns on the same routes.

“Today’s consumers demand fast and on-demand delivery options that logistics and delivery providers must strive to meet,” said Guy Bloch, CEO at Bringg.