60% of businesses to increase digital marketing spend in 2022

A refresh of digital marketing strategies planned for this year as 79% of survey respondents view B2B marketing as “very important” for business growth.

Six in 10 media and marketing executives have said their businesses plan to increase B2B digital marketing spend in 2022, with 27% saying they are looking to increase budgets by up to £10,000.

B2B marketing investment is set to rise this year as 64% of respondents to a survey by technology studio Appetite Creative are looking to refresh B2B digital marketing plans. More than eight in 10 survey respondents said that a focus on sustainability was important for B2B digital marketing this year.

Appetite Creative’s second annual B2B Marketing Survey of 103 media and marketing executives in the UK and Spain found that 79% felt B2B marketing was very important for business growth. B2B marketing was seen as an important new business driver among 34% of respondents, while 22% said it helped deliver sales and e-commerce.

Source: Appetite Creative

DOOH and podcasts are effective B2B marketing channels

In a slight shift from 2021, digital out-of-home (DOOH) was named as one of the main media channels for effectiveness by 24% of respondents, up from 7% the previous year and attributed to the relaxation of COVID restrictions in both the UK and Spain.

The same proportion (24%) highlighted podcasts for effectiveness in 2022, but this was down from 34% in 2021, while 12% identified print and trade press as effective this year, dropping from 28%.

Respondents also highlighted the areas where they were looking to invest as part of their digital B2B marketing strategy refresh plans:

  • Social media (27%)
  • Website (15%)
  • Branding (12%)
  • Video (12%)

Video investment was significantly down on 2021’s plans – where 61% said they were investing as part of B2B marketing plans. 

Jenny Stanley, Managing Director at Appetite Creative, said: “Digital advertising experienced a year on year boost with brands increasing overall B2B investment to drive business growth. 

“Our research indicated that marketers are starting to trial and invest in new technologies such as AR and the metaverse. Continued innovation is important in the B2B sector to help meet business objectives, and ensure campaigns benefit from new opportunities technology offers. The move towards sustainable advertising also looks to be a dominant focus for the foreseeable future.”