Social media's Willy Wonka: Attention Seekers, episode 8

Innocent Drinks' 'Head of Chaos' put "attention seeker" on his CV and got the job. He reveals how mistakes are good, that stepping over the line is encouraged and why his unruly methods pay off.

Imagine being paid to cause havoc, play around and never proof read your posts... meet John Thornton, Copy Writer and Social Media Manager for Innocent Drinks. This week's guest is an official attention seeker, so listen in to discover the method behind the madness.

Attention Seekers is our brand new podcast where we get to know who’s seeking attention in the industry and how they’re doing it. Joined by guests ranging from senior executives to junior starters, we talk about what's overrated and underrated in the industry with host, Lucy Shelley, Junior Reporter at PMW.

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