Pipedrive aims to simplify CRM with integrated tool

Campaigns by Pipedrive offers users a real-time view of all their data in one place, including new ways in creating marketing emails and distributing to subscribers.

CRM platform Pipedrive has launched a new integrated marketing solution.

Campaigns by Pipedrive is designed to help users avoid time-consuming  imports and exports or integrations with other tools, and work with sales and marketing data all in one place on the platform. 

The new tool will integrate into Pipedrive, which takes it one step closer to becoming an intelligent multi-product revenue platform.

Shaun Shirazian, Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Pipedrive, said: “There is a clear gap and need in the market today for an integration of the sales and marketing businesses. 

“Organisations’ bottom lines are more important than ever before – especially as we emerge from the pandemic – and companies are always looking for ways to optimise their business and reduce costs,” “By bringing sales and marketing teams seamlessly onto one revenue management platform,  we are giving our customers the tools they need to align their business targets to drive revenue for the whole business. It’s exactly what our customers have been asking for and we are excited to introduce it to the market today.”