Nearly half of performance marketers rate pay as most important to them in their job. Do you agree? Join the conversation

Our early indicators also reveal that over 40% of performance marketers are actively looking for or thinking about a new role. Are you tempted, and why? Take our survey and win a £200 Amazon voucher for your time.

Are you looking for a new role in the performance marketing industry? If so, you have company, as our early sneak peek at the Performance Marketing World Careers 2022 survey reveals.

Four in 10 respondents to our survey so far have told us that they are at least considering moving jobs – with more than a fifth of those saying they are actively looking for a new role. This may mean that the majority are happy to stay put, but a further third revealed that they would be tempted by the right opportunity (even if they’re not on an active job hunt).

Those that were looking to move jobs, or considering it, were primarily motivated by getting a higher salary (60% of respondents), and better training and development opportunities (40%). But with more than a third seeking a better work/life balance (37%), and only slightly fewer respondents after more generous benefits, it’s clear that most of you are considering a multitude of factors in their search for a new role.

We’re revealing the results of our survey so far, but there is still time to join the conversation and tell us what you think about your role, your organisation, your career and how your views have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. All responses are anonymous and it will only take five minutes – we really appreciate your opinions.


Higher salaries would tempt people to leave - and stay

Of those that were not looking to move jobs, the primary thing that might tempt them to do so is more pay. More than three-quarters of respondents said that a higher salary would tempt them to apply for a new role, even if they weren’t looking, while almost six in 10 would move for “a unique opportunity”.

A similar proportion of those looking for a new role told us that being offered a higher salary by their current employer would tempt them to stay rather than move on, with one-third citing better training and development opportunities as a potential retainer.

"Right now, more money may convince me to slightly compromise on my work life balance. Plus if an employer doesn't seem to care about my health and wellness – goodbye employer.”

Pay and culture are the top two incentives in a performance marketing career

Our survey has also found so far that nearly half of respondents put salary among their top three most important factors to them in their career - making it top of a long list. Not far behind was organisational culture (46%), suggesting that the working environment is almost as important to people as what they’re paid. 

Making up the final ranks of the top five most important things to performance marketers were flexible working opportunities (37%), work/life balance (31%) and the value of their total reward package (pay and supporting benefits) (26%). 

When asked how the pandemic has affected their views on work, many respondents cited the need for flexibility and the realisation that remote working is feasible. While a number of people cited the importance of employment that allows home working, some were also appreciative of office work.

 “I now appreciate having the flexibility of being able to work from home - the pandemic has made me realise that we don't all need to be in the office five days a week. It's important to me now to work for an employer that acknowledges this and lets me have that flexibility.”

What are your priorities at work? Tell us and be within a chance to win a £200 Amazon voucher to thank you for sharing your views.