Adverty and Oracle Moat team up to enhance measurement within in-game ads

The partnership means Adverty’s in-game viewability tech is embedded in Oracle Moat Analytics so advertisers can measure impressions, invalid traffic and viewability.

In-game ad specialist Adverty AB has announced a partnership with Oracle Moat to provide enhanced measurement and verification across in-game ad environments. 

Adverty’s viewability technology BrainImpression is now available within Oracle Moat Analytics so that Adverty advertisers can measure ad impressions, invalid traffic and viewability within Adverty hosted In-Play ads.

Non-disruptive in-game ads measured with viewability metrics

Adverty’s In-Play platform gives brands access to audiences via non-disruptive in-game placements that mirror the physical ads consumers see offline. Oracle Moat’s sophisticated measurement of ads takes into account the size of the ad, the length of time it appears on screen and the angles from which it is viewed.

Irina Dzyubinsky, Head of Product, Oracle Moat, said: “Oracle Moat provides trusted third-party measurement of ads across channels, formats and platforms. By expanding our collaboration with Adverty to measure impressions, invalid traffic and viewability within in-game environments, we’re giving advertisers the confidence and tools they need to make more informed buying decisions that help maximise every advertising dollar and deliver better business outcomes."

Adverty’s CTO Calle Sténson added: “Accurate and meaningful measurement of in-game ad viewability is a sought-after metric, but more importantly, it is essential for industry confidence in the advertising world we now inhabit and the massively exciting, multi-faceted metaverse to come. Having third-party ad verification from a measurement provider like Oracle Moat is a vital element of that confidence.”