“Keeping it reel”: differentiating between Love Island star and authentic influencer

Watch PMW’s Instagram live with Love Island’s Liberty Poole and her brand partner Skinny Tan to explore the difference between aspirational and relatable influencers, how they can be used for your brand, and why Instagram is in decline.

This Tuesday lunchtime, thousands of Instagrammers tuned in to Performance Marketing World’s Instagram live to get the behind the scenes of a long-term partnership between a Love Island influencer and beauty brand Skinny Tan.

Hayley Hall, Global Head of Communications at Skinny Tan, was joined by 2021 Love Island star and Skinny Tan’s Brand Ambassador, Liberty Poole. The discussion was hosted by PMW (@performancemarketingworld) and co-moderated by Campaign Magazine’s Creativity and Culture Editor, Gurjit Degun. 

Hayley commented on the event: “It was great to reflect and recognise what we’ve achieved, and also to delve deeper into what we’ve done and why. Liberty is a great ambassador too, so it was a unique opportunity to view things from her perspective simultaneously – and know we’ve created something with that magic X factor!

“The world has changed immensely over the last decade and consumers trust traditional media less and less; the decline in reach means there’s also less of an audience to tap into, so it’s imperative for brands to adopt and integrate influencer marketing into their mix.

“Our collaborations with influencers like Liberty Poole have over delivered in terms of traditional metrics too – including awareness and press coverage – so effective campaigns can go far beyond your Instagram channel.” 

“Instagram is in massive decline” 

Instagram has brought many influencers to fame, with Liberty Poole amassing a huge 1.5M followers on the platform. However, as TikTok grows in popularity, it's clear there is a trend that Instagram’s “glossy content” doesn’t quite cater for.

Liberty explained: “It’s important for an influencer to inject your personality, that’s why platforms like Tiktok are growing. It's different to Instagram's focus on being picture-perfect which is harder to relate to.”

Hayley added: “Instagram is in massive decline, people are struggling with reach and engagement, but it does still have value. We do a lot of paid advertising through Instagram and Facebook, but TikTok is where we’re focusing our efforts moving forward.”

“It’s not [just] about numbers”

When asked if Skinny Tan has a minimum follower count when recruiting influencers, Hayley responded: “If they’re creating great content, it doesn’t matter how many followers they have.”

“It’s not about numbers, or engagement, it's about the authentic relationship we have with that individual influencer.”

On how to measure a successful long-term partnership, she explained: “Historically people have focused on how many clicks does it have, how many sales has it made, but it's much more of a nuanced process than that. 

“With Liberty, we can track our awareness, our performance against our competitors; it’s a bigger conversation about what the impact has been on our brand positioning. It's about looking at what your overarching objective is, and KPIs, and not being so stringent and only looking at statistics. Social marketing goes so much further than looking at a few key stats.”

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Watch the full live discussion here.