Meet the PMW UK Awards judges: Greg Levine, Vitality

“If we held a performance marketing awards show a decade ago, we'd have 12 people. We’re filling ballrooms now!” Hear from our Chair of Judges on why now is the time to celebrate your success stories, large or small.

The entry deadline for the PMW UK Awards 2022 is just weeks away and the judging panel is being finalised, with an exciting line-up of brands, platforms and experts ready to view this year's batch of innovative campaigns and teams. 

To get a better idea of what makes a good entry, the PMW team sat down with our Chair of Judges, Greg Levine at Vitality, to talk about ‘Atomic Networks’, dog years and why performance marketing is the hottest skill in the world right now…

With an illustrious career spanning high performance cars to high performing marketing, it’s no surprise that Greg stood out as our selection for this year’s Chair of Judges for Performance Marketing World's 2022 UK awards. 

Born and educated in South Africa, Greg has worked for Vitality for nearly eight years and occupies the role of Managing Director: Sales, Retention and Advisor Support. 

Greg’s numerous roles at startups and charities alongside insurance and automotive giants gives him a huge amount of experience of performance marketing across a range of verticals and channels, helping him steer our judging panel across all 27 categories this year. 

Ahead of the PMW Awards standard deadline for entries on 28 July 2022 we quizzed Greg for what he’ll be looking for from this year's batch of entries. 

Q. What do you look for in a winning performance marketing campaign or team?

“Performance marketing is all about delivering two fundamental things. Number one,  creating and developing relationships with potential clients and customers. Number two, translating those relationships into actual monetisation. For any team from a performance marketing perspective, it's those key factors that really come to mind.

“It's about how do you grow, retain and monetise online. The campaigns that cut through are the ones that I believe are the worthy winners in what is a very competitive space.”

Q. What advice would you have for anyone unsure of entering this year's awards? For example, if they feel they're too small or different to compete, or they offer a mixture of performance marketing and branding campaigns?

“For me, performance marketing is probably the most exciting area of business today. If you ask me ‘what are the two key skill sets in the world that are most in demand’? I'd probably say it's performance marketing experts and software engineers. Why? Because the battleground of the future is how do you acquire, retain and monetise customers.