Heinz' empty shelves: Attention Seekers, episode 13

Retail royalty Rita Harnett explains why conversational commerce works, what headless commerce is, and why voice commerce causes family issues. We discuss the disaster of empty Heinz shelves, Robert Palmer's sexy girls, and why alarm clocks are so 'in' right now.

"71% of people see a TV ad and then search for the product online." Rita Harnett, E-commerce Partner, Wavemaker Global, has been a commerce queen from a Blue Peter badge-winning age. In our conversation, she demystifies the sector, talks about the cost of living and what it means for brands, and attempts the prestigious 're-sell me a pen' challenge!

Attention Seekers is PMW's new podcast where we get to know who’s seeking attention in the industry and how they’re doing it. Joined by guests ranging from senior executives to junior starters, we talk about what's overrated and underrated in the industry with host, Lucy Shelley, Reporter at PMW.

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