B2B marketing’s ‘sea of beige’ is painted over in Sectorlight and alan. Agency merger

Under combined leadership and rebranding as ‘alan. place & space’, the joined forces intend to expand its anti-beige “visceral marketing” approach.

Property marketing agency Sectorlight is to merge with B2B marketing specialists alan. agency under one combined leadership.

Michael Richards, Chief Growth Officer, alan. agency, will additionally lead Sectorlight which will adopt alan.’s insight-led ‘visceral marketing’ approach before rebranding as ‘alan. place & space’.

Since joining alan. agency in April, Richards and his team aim to reinvigorate the ‘sea of beige’ world of B2B marketing, by finding and telling the visceral business stories to make customers feel and act differently. The merger will see  alan. to expand its anti-beige visceral marketing approach into the ‘place and space’ sector.

Richards said: “Sectorlight has pioneered brilliant place-making and destination marketing, but like the B2B marketing world, the place and space sector is one which has been held back by conservatism and marketing methods that haven’t moved on. 

“We now intend to reposition the business in line with alan. to make place and space marketing visceral.”

SECTORLIGHT SHOWREEL from Sectorlight on Vimeo.

Both alan. agency and Sectorlight are subsidiaries of the Raconteur Group which is independent and privately owned.