Multilingual marketing: InnoVision Español division gives underserved hispanic market the attention it deserves

“Replicas of English messaging is not enough anymore”. New marketing division increases investment towards hispanic community with authentic messaging.

InnoVision Marketing Group has launched InnoVision Español, adding to their portfolio of in-house services that include digital media, traditional media, web development, design, public relations, and film production.

InnoVision Español will serve businesses and brands wanting to reach the Hispanic community and Hispanic-oriented clients and companies, supporting the San Diego-based Group’s efforts to become a national ad agency.

Hispanic consumers remain an underserved demographic for many marketers. Given that the population of Hispanics in the US is 18.7% in 2020, and around 34% in San Diego, only 6% of overall industry investment is spent toward the Hispanic community, per the Hispanic Marketing Council. 

Ric Militi, CEO and Executive Creative Director of InnoVision Marketing Group said: “Marketing to any specific ethnic group is very different from marketing to the English-speaking population. Considerations must include accurate colloquial translation of the message, slang usage, improper insinuations, values and much more. Our Hispanic team at InnoVision are part of the Hispanic community, so the messaging is much more authentic.” 

“Replicas of English messaging is not enough anymore”

“Growing up in a Mexican-American household, I have witnessed first-hand what it’s like to not see your culture or language represented in advertising and the impact that lack of connection can have on an audience,” added Giselle Campos, Sr. Vice President/Sr. Creative Director of InnoVision Marketing Group. 

“It is important to me to create narratives that the Hispanic market can connect with and actually make sense based on how the message is being delivered. Serving ads to the Hispanic community that have been run through Google Translate, have subtitles, or are just replicas of the English messaging is just not enough anymore. I’m so excited to bring this authenticity to the Hispanic marketing mix.” 

InnoVision has been executing Hispanic campaigns for clients such as Palomar Health, Penske Automotive, Valley View Casino and Fresh Start Surgical Gifts for several years now, so formalising the division was only a matter of time.  

This opens up the opportunity for the company to serve an even larger audience of thriving Hispanic businesses that make up a large part of the San Diego community and more importantly, bring them to light.