Beartown Brewery begins bear hunt for free pints in new campaign

With a new look and QR codes, pints are on Beartown’s founder with DOOH campaign in Manchester and Liverpool, appealing to a more digital savvy generation of beer drinkers.

Residents of Manchester and Liverpool will wake today (Monday 18 July) to pink bears smiling down at them with the promise of free beer.

Beartown Brewery, the family-run, Congleton-based brewery in Cheshire, UK, is attempting to take on the big brewing boys as it unveils a new look with a marketing campaign to match.

The new look and feel for the brand includes a series of background images paying homage to the town’s coordinates and other elements of the range such as the fur of the bear.

To celebrate this relaunch, the national beer brand has launched a campaign plastering the pink image of its hero product Inception, a new session IPA, across Manchester and Liverpool with its very own bear hunt.

Billboards and bus stops will display the image of the hot pink bear, the beacon of Beartown Brewery’s new branding, with a QR code for zythophiles – or beer devotees – to scan for a invitation to join Beartown’s founder Joe Manning at a ‘secret’ destination in both Manchester and Liverpool on July 29th where the beers will be on him, including new release, Inception.

Appealing to a younger generation with free beer? It might work!

Joseph Manning, Managing Director of Beartown Brewery said: “In addition to the new brewery we have some swish new branding and I can’t wait to send the Beartown Bear out into Manchester and Liverpool and invite Mancs and Liverpudlians to join me for a pint on July 29th.

“The campaign is designed to get the word out there about our beers to a younger generation of beer drinkers but whilst imprinting the image of the pink Beartown bear on everyone's mind so of course we went for a Bear hunt.”

“We’ll see the hot pink Beartown Bear take up residence in the two cities over the next fortnight and hope that many beer drinkers will join the hunt with the promise of a beer at the end of it!”

Beartown Brewery have unveiled new branding to take the brewery into the next stage of its life – blending the age-old craft of beer brewing with slick, modern design to appeal to a younger, more digitally native, generation of beer drinkers. 

Key products in the range include the best selling and dessert inspired Creme Bearlee, the flagship pale ale, Kodiak, which is seen constantly flowing in the Beartown tap house and the super pale ale, ‘LIT’, aka Bearly Literate.