Learning languages in the metaverse with Ukrainian start-up Preply

Launch will be used to evaluate how next generation tech can best be used to help boost language skills. ¡Bienvenido!

Ciao! Tech start-up Preply has announced its first venture into the metaverse with language lessons soon to be available in Meta’s Horizon Workshop. 

The group session, Preply’s most affordable option, will be offered in this new and immersive format improving learners’ language skills with the added social experience encouraging learners to continue. 

Following initial sessions, Preply will evaluate the technology’s capabilities and how it can best be used to help learn languages.

Founded in Ukraine in 2012, the worldwide language lessons provider uses an all-in-one online learning environment.

Ahead of the first session, Daniele Saccardi, Campaigns Manager at Preply, said: ‘We are delighted to launch this new option. It's in the DNA of Preply as a tech start-up to embrace the latest in technology and bring it to our users. We look forward to making the metaverse a regular part of our offering.’