Facebook’s new update takes on TikTok’s popular style

Meta’s new update for Facebook separates the Home and Feeds tab, copying the content style made famous by TikTok.

From today, Facebook will now separate content into the Home tab and Feeds tab.

The app will open on the Home tab, which will contain a mix of posts, photos and looping videos from friends and suggested content from outside the user’s network. 

According to Meta, it is more of a discovery engine for users to find and follow new content and creators through recommendations provided by Facebook’s AI machine learning ranking system.

The tab is an attempt to challenge TikTok, which shows users videos based almost exclusively on what its algorithm decides will hook them. 

The new Feeds tab will feature only updates from friends and groups the user follows. There are no ‘Suggested For You’ posts in Feeds and ads are included.

Whilst users can now see content from only friends and family in the Feeds tab, the Home tab of suggested content is more akin to Instagram’s Reels, deprioritising friends and emphasising content creators and ads.

Starting today, some users will see Feeds as a tab in their shortcut bar. On iOS, this bar is found at the bottom of the app, and on Android, it’s found at the top. The tabs in the shortcut bar change based on the parts of the app that are used the most. 

The updates are expected to be rolled out globally over the next week.

Watch Mark Zuckerberg's video here.