Rap singer, blockchain blinger: Attention Seekers, episode 14

Imagine knowing about the internet 20 years before it boomed... that's where we're at with the metaverse, predicted to be bigger than the internet according to Aaron Goldman, CMO of Mediaocean.

Let's go back to the naughties... Aaron Goldman, CMO, Mediaocean finishes this episode in freestyle, after discussing why "it's time TV ads did more". We unpick Netflix's ads and partnering with Microsoft, he tells us how he sold his data on Ebay, and debates what's overrated and underrated about the metaverse.

Attention Seekers is PMW's new podcast where we get to know who’s seeking attention in the industry and how they’re doing it. Joined by guests ranging from senior executives to junior starters, we talk about what's overrated and underrated in the industry with host, Lucy Shelley, Reporter at PMW.

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