TikTok gets serious about music with Ticketmaster team up and streaming app

Plans for a US music service and in-app ticket purchases show the social media app has Spotify and Apple in its sights.

TikTok has struck a deal with Ticketmaster that will let users buy event tickets through the social video app.

Starting with a small number of high-profile accounts including Demi Lovato, OneRepublic, Usher, Backstreet Boys and WWE, organisers and creators will be able to use the ticketing mini app to get people along to their events. 

TikTok becoming the new discovery tool for the social-first generation

The aim of the deal is to drive awareness of live events and to make the customer journey as frictionless as possible.


TikTok is fast establishing itself as a powerful tool for discoverability, with younger age groups opting to use the platform for search rather than Google. Its algorithm is able to serve up users with content based on their interests rather than their pre-existing social connections. 

By delivering event information directly into users’ ‘For You’ page, Ticketmaster and sports organisations can reach younger audiences who would be interested in an event but would otherwise be unaware of its existence.

How it works 

With Ticketmaster's new TikTok tool, creators can search for Ticketmaster events and add those links to their videos. 

The link to the event will appear above the caption to the video and users will be able to click it to easily purchase tickets. 

The partnership follows a similar partnership between Ticketmaster and  Snapchat earlier this year to match users with events in their area. Other music related apps such as YouTube, Spotify and Pandora also have similar partnerships with Ticketmaster.

This is not TikTok’s first foray into the music industry. In May, parent company ByteDance filed a trademark application with the US Patent and Trademark Office in May for ‘TikTok Music’, following a similar application in Australia last year. 

This fueled speculation that TikTok is gearing up to launch its own music streaming platform to rival the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.