Making the leap: 41% of performance marketers tempted to change jobs… but where to?

Our survey launches PMW’s Performance Marketing Workforce series, uncovering the trends in organisational culture, working practices, salary inflation and the responses to the skills gap.

Just over four in 10 marketers taking part in PMW's first Workforce survey (41%) told us that they were “actively searching” or considering moving to a different role or company. 

The top reasons jobseekers cited for looking to move were to get a higher salary, to achieve a better work/life balance and to access better training and development opportunities. 

The findings form part of PMW’s survey new Performance Marketing Workforce series. Published in bite-sized parts over this summer, this first-of-its kind survey and interview series reveals the unique challenges and solutions within the industry’s workforce, with insights from some of the world’s biggest brands and agencies.

The Performance Marketing Workforce series uncovers:

  • How the balance between salary and organisational culture is far from clear cut when it comes to what is important to the workforce – and how to get it right;

  • Which performance channels and skillsets are seeing the biggest challenges – and the solutions – when it comes to the talent gap;

  • The industry’s significant salary inflation and its effects;

  • What employers and jobseekers should consider when it comes to searching for new talent and a new role; and

  • The changes that are here to stay or evolve further when it comes to working practices. 

The past couple of years have had a huge impact on businesses’ operational practices and the expectations of employees regarding flexible working and what’s important to them for their careers. PMW’s first Workforce series is a timely look at how businesses can understand the new employment reality and best place themselves to compete for the top staff.

Winning strategies to compete for or keep the top talent

When asked what would tempt them to stay with their current organisation, more pay was cited by almost six in 10 jobseekers in our survey.

But with more than a third saying they would consider staying put for better training and development and 29% saying they may be swayed with a new role to get a change of direction, it’s clear that pay is not the be all and end all when it comes to retaining staff who are considering a leap.


The passive jobseekers

Our survey of 122 marketers also revealed that while the remaining 59% stated that they were not looking for a new role, almost a third said that they may be tempted if the right opportunity came along.

The results indicate that simply not actively looking for a new job is not a dead cert that staff will stay with their organisation. Higher pay, the opportunity to work for a brand or organisation that they rate and the chance to get a better work/life balance were the top reasons that those not looking may have their heads turned. 

Priorities for performance marketers when it comes to work

When asked to rank their top three priorities when it comes to their job and career our respondents were clear.

Salary and culture were neck and neck in pole position – with 39.5% ranking each in the top tier of their priorities. But closely behind that was the need for suitable flexible working options (37.9%) and the ‘total reward’ package (33.1%). 

Meanwhile a poorly written job ad and a lack of listed salary were the top two deterrents for marketers when it comes to applying for a new role, cited by more than six in 10. But more than half (57%) would be put off from applying to a company with a poor reputation.

PMW launches the Performance Marketing Workforce series

Visit the Performance Marketing Workforce page now, and come back for regular updates covering our in-depth analysis of the changing workforce environment over the coming days.