Global consumers rate DOOH ads as trustworthy, 7% more so than social media

DOOH ads gaining traction for performance with half of consumers encouraged to buy ‘there and then’ after seeing a DOOH ad.

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) ads are a more trusted medium than social media, with 28% of consumers rating DOOH ads as trustworthy, compared to 21% for social, according to new research. 

Within the UK, consumer trustworthiness of DOOH compared to social increases to being 13% more, but compared to global averages, Brits are less trusting of advertising platforms in general.

The survey of 11,000 consumers by Kantar on behalf of Xaxis and Kinetic for GroupM owned Sightline found that for 53% of consumers, DOOH gave them all the information they needed to make a purchase.

Traction for DOOH as a performance channel

More than 7 in 10 rated DOOH ads as “current” while half said they encouraged them to make a purchase there and then, evidence of DOOH’s traction as a performance medium, according to the research.  

DOOH ads also outperformed social media, TV and online videos in being memorable. 24% perceived DOOH as having memorable ads, compared to 16% for social media, 13% for websites and 22% for TV and digital audio. 

The poll of consumers across 11 countries revealed that 94% found QR codes to be useful, while 24% told Kantar they had used a QR code. 


Alys Donnelly, Head of Programmatic, Kinetic, said: “Our findings reveal that consumers recognise DOOH as an entertaining, trustworthy, and most importantly, memorable advertising platform. Merging the physical and virtual world while out and about drives more immersive and engaging experiences when viewing and accessing advertising. Combining DOOH with other omnichannel approaches is extremely effective for increasing brand recall and calls to action from consumers.”

According to GroupM estimates, marketers will be increasing investment in DOOH over the next five years – tracking to exceed growth rates of all ad investment each year.

Brits more “impressed” by DOOH than podcasts and video

Brits meanwhile are found to be informed and impressed by DOOH, the survey found. The channel is more likely to leave an impression on UK consumers (10%) than digital streaming music or podcast services (6%) or online videos (5%), indicating that they are more receptive to interactive features when out on the move.

Tilly Sheppard, Product Manager Xaxis, said: “The survey shows how receptive the UK is to DOOH, and how it leaves a strong impression on consumers. By interacting with features like QR codes, social media hashtags and touch screens, while on the move in relevant locations, consumers are being encouraged to make action-driven decisions including searching online for more information and ultimately to visit stores and make purchases.”